Friday, January 29, 2010

Snotty Bitch Reporting for Duty

Why is it that as soon as I get started with something that really interests me fate throws a wrench into my path? I blame my current situation on the visit to the Drs office this past week. No good can come of going to a Drs office this time of year. The place is a hotbed of germs and bacteria. I have the first cold I've had in a very, very, long time. In future, I plan to arrange my check-up visits so they don't fall in the first third of the year. I knew as soon as I walked into that place that I was a goner. Last night I apparently snored so loud that my husband had to abandon ship. I will stifle the small chuckle that caused me since he's been doing that to me for years. So un lady-like though. Snoring like a chain saw...cringe. I can't breath through my nose so it was inevitable. Not my most lovable moment I guess. Folks here are making a wide circle around me and leaving me alone in my nest upstairs. Can't blame them but psssst, don't tell anyone, we're all breathing the same air which means I'll be doing Nurse Nancy duty in the coming week. I'm taking my hot green tea with lemon and going back to bed. I tried to do some work in the sewing room yesterday but the head feels like all my batting has somehow wound up in my head. I, quite literally, have batts in my belfry.
I wanted to give a quick shout out to Judy from Northport, who is still hiding from me somewhere in a bunker nearby hoarding her Kaffe fabric. Smart girl.... for now. I'll find her someday and then those Kaffe's won't be safe anymore. By the way Judy, Bumble Beans lives not all that far from us. I almost got together with her last summer. Better luck this year I hope. The woman is brilliant.

Anyway, Hope you're all doing a lot better than me. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun with Kaffe

The Kaffe fabrics were calling out a siren song to me for weeks. This past weekend I couldn't listen to the music any longer. I jumped right in with both feet and my new issue of Liberated Quiltmaking II and started making string blocks. They looked so darn springy that I could hardly stand it. Roger peeked in the door and said he thought I was having way too much fun. He was right and I can't thank him and BIL Bob enough for it.
Anyway, while I was working up the string pieces I soon had a whole pile of scrap bits and pieces in a pile next to me(you never really bust all of the stash do you?) After looking at the pile for a few minutes and smiling cause it was so darn sweet, I put the strip blocks aside and began just using bits and pieces randomly. It really made me think of a garden in full beauteous bounty. Big fat blooms and garden pathways. I just kept adding on stuff (Hi V. of Bumble Beans) and had a ball letting go of the matchy-matchy mindset I continually find myself in. Not that there is anything wrong with matching but I really needed to let loose and be totally care-free in remembering the spontaneity of the artist within. Is there a Tile block in my future? You betcha. I bordered it with my new favorite color right now. Doesn't that turquoise just make you smile?
So there it is. I can't wait to get back to the drawing board and make some more fun.
I had to do some errands today. They are predicting some icky weather with possible ice soon and living up here in this downhill slide makes being prepared a must. Things of importance for that purpose are known as BEM around here. My late MIL Dot invented the term BEM by default. As soon as the first flake was predicted she would marshal the army and make sure that there was sufficient bread, eggs, and milk. So, I BEMd and them did a Library run, stopping to have tea with Terry on her break. Then I grabbed up a couple of DVDs a couple of which I've seen and a couple are new to me. One that I've seen is "DeLovely", the story of Cole Porter and his wife Linda, who was the inspiration for much of his music including one of my all time goose bump instilling versions of "So In Love" which I think is from Kiss Me Kate(?) I loved his music and still do. I really love most all music and can go from Stones to Who, to Eagles, to Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and the Complete Charlie Parker Collection. I grew up listening to and going to plays on Broadway. Nothing in that genre outdoes Cole Porter for romance. Anyway, I've always loved this movie even though it was probably seen by 5 people. It's de-lovely(sorry).
I also got The Proposal cause I love me some Sandra Bullock and a little film called DimSum Funeral, and Grey Gardens well...because I live not far from them, have always been fascinated with the story, and recently saw some photos of the restoration of Grey Gardens by Sally Quinn, who bought the property. Magnificent!

Well I'm off to do some laundry and have some lunch. Hope you're doing something fun and enjoying a beautiful day no matter what the weather.