Monday, September 14, 2009

Just saying hi!

The only thing I should win an award for lately is "Most Boring Blog Ever" Stuff just keeps getting in the way and since there's no sewing going on it's not of much interest so thanks for even stopping by.
Friends of ours from Virginia have come to stay for reasons that are anything but festive. Our friend has a sister who has battled breast cancer for a number of years and is now in her final days and fighting. We do not know the sister but Roger has been friends with them since high school and I've enjoyed knowing them as well-so we are happy to provide them with a place to land and sleep for the duration. It's a little hectic since we are making a list and checking it twice to pack for going to Maine next week. We are leaving next Sunday and going to Cape Neddick, Kennebunkport, Boothbay Harbor and Bar Harbor. My brother-in-law Bob is coming with us. He can use a trip away and since he is doing very well health-wise, it seems to be a go.
Meanwhile I'm washing and packing and buying last minute things. I was headed to Tarjay today but this mornings guest activity took longer than I expected so I never got going past the grocery store trip.
Tomorrow I will head out as soon as possible to see about a rolling bag. We usually use my BIL's bag but since he is coming along I think I'd better hunt up another one for Roger. I have a good sized cargo bag that suits me fine.
The weather here is lovely but Roger tells me there is rain ahead in the long range forecast for north of us...bah. At this point, it's been two years since we've been to Maine and I will be happy eating my lobster under an umbrella(you knew it was all about the food, right???)
Speaking of which, I've got to get the grill going for the steaks I found at the grocery. All I need to do is throw a salad together and we're good.
Hope your evening is as lovely as ours and that all of you are well and being very artistic......sigh.
Talk to you later.