Saturday, June 04, 2011

Whew... computer crisis averted

Thanks to my own personal geek squad(Hi James) I have my stuff back. Thank goodness, and James, my pictures were floating around in the ether waiting to be found along with some programs and personal info that I would have hated to lose. Thanks too for all the tips you sent me. We do have an external hard drive and that was one of the things that Roger would have done and I didn't know about. I'm fairly sure that one of the thumb drives around here contains a backup of all my programs and files as well. I remember Roger telling James to make sure to back up the files before they did any work on the computer-just in case.

Sooooo.... here's a run down of my week. Sewing-0. Playing with the adorable Lucy-10. Some shopping and a couple of visits to the nursery for plants. I got myself a lace cap hydrangea in the color above. Something I have wanted for a while. Not quite sure where I'm going to put it yet. I have a few options. I bought two very large pale lavender impatiens hanging baskets to hang on the crook at the side of the yard. The color is so ethereal that it almost glows in the twilight. Lovely.

Now I just have to feel a bit better(hopefully tomorrow) and get things planted. My right knee is really giving me a difficult time. Of course, if I would keep in mind that I'm not 40(or even 50-gad) and stop running around like a crazy person playing with the dog it would probably be a good thing for the knee. Last week Lucy and I invented a new game. I call it Bone Hockey. Lucy has one of those big bones, filled with peanut butter that she has licked clean as a whistle and she likes to run around with it and make it go under couches and chairs and coffee tables. Then, she sits and cries for you to get it out. I take a broom and sweep the bone out...rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.... It occurred to me last week that once I get the bone I could use the broom like a hockey stick and make her run after it. About 10 minutes in, I'm prostrate on the couch and panting harder than the dog. Who the hell came up with this brilliant idea anyway? Ahem...I feel so bad that my yard and property are not closed in so she can't be off leash outside to play. Oh well, what's a pup to do?

Today, Terry and I got up early and went on a pilgrimage to Fairway Market. For those of you who are not familiar with NY. Fairway is a place where you can go to get all sorts of delicious, high end, and ethnic foods. The really big Fairway is in the city but in recent years they have expanded to the island. It's not exactly near me but Terry used to live in the area where they built one and so she is my fearless driver. Driving Miss DeeDee. At Fairway you can spend $25 on a piece of wild Alaskan salmon should you feel the need. I moved on to other items. They have olive oil and balsamic in 20 different kinds at a bar with bread to nosh. Then there is the barrel bar of olives, pickles of every imaginable sort, the cream cheese bar and the finest bagels around. Not to mention Eli Zabars bread at the bakery. Terry did the most damage. I only broke a hundred. Our thought was you have to try something new once in a while and boy did we. Artisanal Salami made with red wine and fresh baguette with real Italian Fontina... It just doesn't get much better than that for lunch. Worth the trip. Next week, "Uncle Guisseppi's" out east. I'll eat salad all week and it will be worth it. I guess my taste buds have re-awakened. I cooked a couple of times in the past week and enjoyed it.

I have two movies from Netflix. The Black Swan and The King's Speech so I'm set. I could use a good bottle of wine though. Maybe I'll go raid my BIL Bob's stash. We all have similar taste around here. Handy!

By the way. I received my Madonna piece from the Alzheimer's auction and it is even more beautiful in person than the photo. I've dragged everyone in here to see it and the reaction has been wonderful. Great work Debra. I'm so lucky to have gotten it. I'm going to have it framed. It has a hanging sleeve on the back but I would like to see it framed in a lovely way and that way it's more protected too. So happy with this purchase.

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


I've had a major computer malfunction and now all my photos and video and TV is gone. Just letting you know I'm OK but not sure how this is going to get fixed. The photos are the part that's really getting to me as there were many of Roger, the family, our vacations and Christmas etc. I'll be back when I can get this mess fixed. Things learned in the last few days-NEVER open a window that claims to be from Windows and tells you that your computer is at risk and your hard drive is compromised....EVER...just sayin'
Hoping to be able to do some sort of restor program and get back to where it was last week. Haven't figured that out yet. It offers to restore only to yesterday and that's the day that the s--t hit the fan. I'll check with James when I can or welcome any info from computer saavy friends.
James ran a malware program to get rid of the virus and I'm back but have none of the programs or folders or pictures I had. All my favorites are gone(not really a problem,I can get that back myself by re-doing them). It's the photos and TV/media stuff I am missing.
Hope to be back with you soon.