Thursday, June 02, 2011


I've had a major computer malfunction and now all my photos and video and TV is gone. Just letting you know I'm OK but not sure how this is going to get fixed. The photos are the part that's really getting to me as there were many of Roger, the family, our vacations and Christmas etc. I'll be back when I can get this mess fixed. Things learned in the last few days-NEVER open a window that claims to be from Windows and tells you that your computer is at risk and your hard drive is compromised....EVER...just sayin'
Hoping to be able to do some sort of restor program and get back to where it was last week. Haven't figured that out yet. It offers to restore only to yesterday and that's the day that the s--t hit the fan. I'll check with James when I can or welcome any info from computer saavy friends.
James ran a malware program to get rid of the virus and I'm back but have none of the programs or folders or pictures I had. All my favorites are gone(not really a problem,I can get that back myself by re-doing them). It's the photos and TV/media stuff I am missing.
Hope to be back with you soon.


Debra Spincic said...

Let's hope it is fixable. I lost everything last summer and that was not fun.

Gerrie said...

Dee - I don't know how to restore it, but I would recommend spending $75 a year to have online backup from Carbonite. I had my laptop stolen twice in the last 5 months, and my photos were all out there on the backup as well as documents and other important stuff.

Hope you can get this stuff restored.

Janet said...

Yikes! I'd be a basket case if I lost all my photos. I hope you can get it restored.

Libby said...

*ugh* I feel your pain. I hope you are able to have everything restored without too much difficulty.

Katie said...

I've had the scare and now I have two back ups, one of them in the bank lock box. I now use external hard drives. Easy to do. The man at the computer store told me he keeps three back ups and one is hidden in his house.

Irene said...

Dee, I can't help you out with the fix, but I learned the hard way to back up everything to an external hard drive. They are really inexpensive and worth every cent you spend on it. It's kind of like shutting the barn door once the horse is gone, but hopefully you will be able to recover your pictures, then do a back-up every couple of weeks. Good luck.