Thursday, August 07, 2008

happy dance

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and prayers for Roger. We have much to be thankful for. There are no blockages in his heart and he will see the cardiologist to get meds for the A-fib. Aside from a really uncomfortable wrist where they went in with the catheter to his heart, Roger is feeling really well. We are both so tired mostly from the mental strain of these past couple of weeks. Five hospitals in 2 months is a record we hope not to repeat anytime. Since the lesion on his wrist has to be handled very carefully and he really can't do much with that hand, I've been trying to help as much as I can. Considering what could have been it's a small price to be paid and I pretty much love making a fuss over him anyway.
Thanks, again, for all the good vibes and I'll be checking around soon to see what everyone is up to. Bless you all for thinking of us.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

virtual toe-tapping here....

I'm tapping my toes and thanking goodness I don't bite my nails or my fingers would be bleeding. Roger is going in for a cardiac catheterization tomorrow morning. I have a million things to do and can't focus on anything so I imagine his head is just about spinning right off his head as well. We are hugging each other close and praying for all to be well. Thanks to all of you who were nice enough to send me e-mails with good thoughts. You make the day much brighter. In an effort to keep my mind from going in even more weird directions than usual, I have been checking out what everyone is up to and looking at the stash enhancement that came home with me from Pennsylvania. The bag was still sitting on the floor untouched so I opened and fondled a bit this morning. Above you will see only two of the things that jumped into my bag. The applique-looking square was all by itself and looking for a home. Since I doubt seriously that I'll be doing anymore intricate applique-this will fill the bill and look pretty hanging on the wall without too much more than a bit of a border. They attached panel with a bunch of leaves as part of the purchase so I'll probably just machine applique them down on a small border and call it pretty. I found the Posh fabric by Moda that I had been looking for(yay) so I can attempt to make a basket quilt that looks even half as good as Nicole's of Sisters Choice. I have coveted that quilt ever since I saw it months ago and now I can make one myself..sometime. Posh fabric is not available anywhere but some nice lady from Virginia had one fat 1/4 pack left and I hemmed and hawed about it and finally ran back and bought it. I also got a couple of white on white small pieces just because I love having them to work on between things and then they look so pretty. One of several that I got is a Christmas wreath and I'll try to get that sandwiched together soon. It's a great take along project and they are only a large 12 inch square so it's mindless stuff when you're looking for that kind of relaxing thing.

This morning my friend Tommy has pictures of her yearly golf outing and they not only made me laugh but for a while I was speaking in pirate lingo since that was the theme of the costumes this year. I'm not sure but I think last years costumes were medical themed- I know they were funny as well. Anyway, I've since calmed down a bit but once you start that "ahoy matey" stuff it's very hard to let go...yarrr. The pictures are hilarious and make me wish even more that I lived near Tommy. Between the cooking and the parties there's never a dull moment around the Fitzsimmons house.

I could show you more stuff but since I've accomplished nothing sewy or quilty I'll parcel out the pictures more another day. If you have a minute and feel so inclined, say a little prayer form my darling. He's everything to me.

Hope your day is a lovely one.