Saturday, July 17, 2010

weekend notes

How much fun is it to be served breakfast by your son and DIL-to be? LOADS! Their apartment is just so nice. Lovely little courtyard outside and pretty grounds.
I was doodling around for a 15 minute sew and made a couple of kimono blocks. They are different sizes as I am trying to make them part of a wall hanging with asymmetrical blocks with an Asian flavor. It's such a happy time around here and I'm looking forward to Sept when I can get back to more than the occasional 15 minutes. My fabric is calling to me.....
Our server finally got straightened out and the e-mail is back. Right now the sky is nearly black as night and a fairly intense storm is about to hit. I'm so hoping that by early Sept this weather will be better. By better I mean less humidity and bugs. This has been a really awful year for both.
I have some things to take care of in the wedding department so I'll talk to you soon. Nor much interesting here so I appreciate anyone who has stuck with me. Better quilting days are coming!

Friday, July 16, 2010


No e-mail and a lot of PIA stuff with the server in general. Hoping they fix things really soon. Second day of no e-mail. ...grrrrr
Just went up to get dressed-air cond. compressor won't turn on. 94 degrees today.
Bad moon rising? Be afraid...very afraid...
James & Dani moved into their apartment yesterday. Well, they moved some things. It's an on-going process. I promised not to act like a total blubbering fool and failed miserably. All his life, this is the thing I prayed for. For James to find a good woman and have a happy, normal life. Everything is exactly like I always wanted for him. They are so adorable together and it's really kind of fun watching them get their apartment set up. The learning curve for James will include such things as no food in the bedroom, no feet on the couch, and lifes biggest lesson of all-no one is going enjoy car parts the way you do and no one else thinks they're attractive. Today I got up in a good spirit and felt much better. I have much to do and just checked the e-mail. Still not working but I'm told it's an island wide problem and cablevision has taken their phones off the hook so none of the millions of people trying to talk to them are getting through. Don't you just love technology?
Gotta go check the ac. Turned it off and left it for a while and turned it on again. The compressor came back on but how long that will last is anyones guess. Looks like an expensive weekend.
Stay cool

Monday, July 12, 2010

sailing along

Unknown territory-that's what we're sailing into. In less than a week, James will be in his new apartment. He and Dani need everything that is necessary for daily life. I told him to think of his day from the time he wakes up to lights out. That's what you need to have on hand to start. Small things like a way to make tea & coffee, an alarm clock, toiletries, simple things like cups to have that coffee in. Even with all this going on, I envy them this wonderful time. The excitement of a place of their own and even the decisions that need to be made on everyday choices and needs. It's such an exciting time and so sweet. Happy memories are bound to bubble up just thinking about it.

Yesterday, I was bubbling up with the above mentioned happiness and couldn't focus on anything except the fact that I still didn't have anything to wear to the wedding. I grabbed the keys and set out for an adventure. Since the weather today is going to be back up around 90, I figured I'd better get going before I pass out in some dressing room from heat exhaustion. I found two things that are very nice and looked comfortable as well. Light and breezy is the theme for early September. Now I need some light sandals to finish the look. Maybe tomorrow.

We booked a room for the wedding rehearsal dinner. I had been there before and the food was good but I didn't like the way the room was laid out. When we saw the room again on Saturday, they had set it up completely differently and we loved it. We didn't want a bunch of separate tables but would rather have had one long table so we could all chat with each other and it would feel more like a large family gathering. We have to get back to them with our food choices and such but otherwise that's a wrap.

I would love to spend some time in the sewing room but I'm just so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to get done I'm virtually twirling. I did manage to spend some time doing the 15 minute play with fabric that Victoria from Bumble Beans has going on her blog. For 15 minutes you make fabric out of scraps. I made four blocks and sashed them. I'll get a picture later. It comes out looking like crazy quilt blocks so as soon as I can find my box of embroidery thread I will try a bit of that.
Gotta go and do some laundry. Talk to you soon.