Saturday, July 17, 2010

weekend notes

How much fun is it to be served breakfast by your son and DIL-to be? LOADS! Their apartment is just so nice. Lovely little courtyard outside and pretty grounds.
I was doodling around for a 15 minute sew and made a couple of kimono blocks. They are different sizes as I am trying to make them part of a wall hanging with asymmetrical blocks with an Asian flavor. It's such a happy time around here and I'm looking forward to Sept when I can get back to more than the occasional 15 minutes. My fabric is calling to me.....
Our server finally got straightened out and the e-mail is back. Right now the sky is nearly black as night and a fairly intense storm is about to hit. I'm so hoping that by early Sept this weather will be better. By better I mean less humidity and bugs. This has been a really awful year for both.
I have some things to take care of in the wedding department so I'll talk to you soon. Nor much interesting here so I appreciate anyone who has stuck with me. Better quilting days are coming!


Rian said...

And what did the darlings make for breakfast? Inquiring minds want to know!

Gerrie said...

I love those kimono blocks!! XXOO