Friday, July 16, 2010


No e-mail and a lot of PIA stuff with the server in general. Hoping they fix things really soon. Second day of no e-mail. ...grrrrr
Just went up to get dressed-air cond. compressor won't turn on. 94 degrees today.
Bad moon rising? Be afraid...very afraid...
James & Dani moved into their apartment yesterday. Well, they moved some things. It's an on-going process. I promised not to act like a total blubbering fool and failed miserably. All his life, this is the thing I prayed for. For James to find a good woman and have a happy, normal life. Everything is exactly like I always wanted for him. They are so adorable together and it's really kind of fun watching them get their apartment set up. The learning curve for James will include such things as no food in the bedroom, no feet on the couch, and lifes biggest lesson of all-no one is going enjoy car parts the way you do and no one else thinks they're attractive. Today I got up in a good spirit and felt much better. I have much to do and just checked the e-mail. Still not working but I'm told it's an island wide problem and cablevision has taken their phones off the hook so none of the millions of people trying to talk to them are getting through. Don't you just love technology?
Gotta go check the ac. Turned it off and left it for a while and turned it on again. The compressor came back on but how long that will last is anyones guess. Looks like an expensive weekend.
Stay cool


Gerrie said...

Hope you can keep your cool. We are coming to NYS in August. I am hoping for milder temps!! Love hearing about your angst over James moving on. You are adorable!!

Janet said...

Oh, no! Computer problems AND no a/c! That would send me right over the edge. It has been so HOT and I have been miserable.

I just love reading about James and Dani and how you're having such a time over him leaving. I'm sure it will be a big adjustment for you not having him there....but just think, Dani will be the one doing the laundry now!

Debra said...

Oh, I am sure there will be a few more laying down of the rules for James. Hopefully, they will work it out so both are comfortable. It is a big adjustment for all concerned!