Thursday, December 20, 2007

The days just seem to blend together faster and faster. Who do you see about turning off this blender we find ourselves in??? I know from reading other blogs that we are all experiencing some sort of fast forward in time. It doesn't help that every media outlet is yelling about how little time is left before Christmas. Anyway, after several trips to book stores, department stores like Macy's(really scary)and more trips to the grocery conglomerate than I care to think about-shhhhh....I think I'm done. I know I feel done, but I actually think I'm really done. In the past I have snorted and sniffed at people who begin shopping in October-I will really make an effort to not set foot into a store after Thanksgiving next year. Really! Stop laughing back there.
Anyway, I think all is peaceful for the time being and even the weather is just fine. It warmed up a bit again and the ice dam in the driveway is finally melting. I spent the better part of today finishing the hem on a table topper for a friend-and cleaning the house. It's not sparkling but It'll do for now. Pot roast in the pan and packages to wrap. Other than that, I'm going to sit down and probably fall asleep in seconds.
I hope everyone is not too frazzled and finding some time to just sit quietly and appreciate how nice life can be. Take care, talk to you soon.