Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Springy Happiness

While I was out and about this morning I noticed that pale yellow and green hazy shade that comes right before everything breaks into a riot of color. The forsythia are blooming everywhere and when the warmer weather they are promising comes this weekend, every little green shoot is poised to blow up into pretty green leaves. I had a morning full of errands with Library returns and dvds that were overdue and trips to the Pantry to pick up mail. I found a couple of possible good reads. The first is a book containing the Kimono collection of a Japanese woman. Each page is an explanation of the fabric and a close up of the pattern and fabric and general information on the Kimono. It's very beautiful to look at. Also, for a little dish, I picked up a new biography of Fred Astaire called "Puttin' on the Ritz" I found a copy of the sequel to "The Witches of Eastwick "called "The Widows of Eastwick" that could be fun since that was always one of my favorite novels by John Updike and I loved Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Devil in the movie. Who could ever forget the fabulous Veronica Cartwright in the cherry spewing scene. Even though the movie took great liberties-I still watch it when it's on just to see Veronica in that moment of complete lunacy. She was recently a Judge on a Law & Order. I love seeing her pop up. Last, but not least, I got the last disc in "The Tudors" and can't wait to see more of that. We watched "Doubt" and thought it was very well done. James saw "Seven Pounds" and loved it. I haven't had a chance to see that yet.

We had Leg of Lamb for Easter dinner and for dessert we had Lemon Blueberry Cake from Copenhagen Bakery. It was very hard to wait for dinner to be over so I could get my hot little hands on all that lemony lusciousness. Other than that it was a quiet and peaceful day.

On the sewing front....not so much. As I've mentioned to some blog friends, in order to get any sewing done I have to get my act together early in the day because I use the kitchen table to work on. I have to clear the decks for family dinner-so I just don't get that much done. If I would ever clear the decks upstairs, there would be room under all the crap for me to work uninterrupted. Yeah, any day now. We are looking at some major overhauling of the old place so I may have to face the horror very soon. We need to rip out carpeting and put down hardwood upstairs and the whole house needs painting. Downstairs the kitchen floor needs replacing and the parquet flooring needs either re-dressing or replacing-that's an unknown as yet. We need a flooring guy to come and tell us what can be done. Our house suffers from CHAOS Can't have anyone over syndrome. So that's where we are right now. I believe it's called LIMBO.

I hope you're getting out to enjoy the season. Talk to you soon.