Monday, June 02, 2008

Checking in with sniffles

Since I have nothing note worthy to show on the quilt front, here are some pictures of the local atmosphere.
I have caught the current crud that is circulating through our house and the area in general. Much coughing, sneezing, sore throat and, as a result, not much sleeping. All of this makes for a crabby Dee. I feel better today so this thing seems to be quick to come on and not too long lingering. I'd really just like some solid sleep. Enough bitching and moaning.

The weather has turned quite warm, and as is the norm on an island, pretty humid too.

I wish I had something arty or quilty to show but life is getting in the way big time right now. I'm hoping that July will bring a lot more quiet time for finishing things and playing with fabric. In the mean time I'm enjoying checking out what you are up to. Many women designers have just finished coming back from Portland Quilt Market where they showed off their gorgeous designs and many of the new fabrics coming in the next season. Check out Anna Maria Horner, who has fabric and designs to drool over. Also in my links is Pam Kitty Morning who stunt-sews for Alex Andersen, among others. It's fun to see what they are showing. The best and certainly most fun lately is Nicole of Sister's Choice. Nicole makes the most beautiful quilts you can imagine with very yummy fabrics but what I adore most is her dog Ozzie. Ozzie's adventures are hilarious. He has more personality than 3 dogs and major attitude. Ozzie is the juvenile delinquent of the dog world. Just scroll down and see what mayhem he can cause and while you're at it enjoy the work of a fabulous quiltmaker. By all means keep scrolling until you see her Posh Baskets. I could be talked into doing bad things for that quilt. hmmmm. Maybe that's why I like Ozzie-I see a bit of the larceny in my hairy little friend.
Have fun- I hope you have weather like ours. It's beautiul.