Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Found objects & the search continues

As I unwrap the various layers of stuff stuck in limbo(the closet) and move things to the new room, I keep coming across things I started and never went any further with. This is one of those things. The rows were un-sewn and stuffed into a bag a while back. Probably in the mid 90s from some of the fabrics. I really love making triangles but I stink at it and I'm fairly sure that's why it got stuffed into a plastic bag and forgotten. In my new found mind set where I stop being hard on myself and just have fun, I put the rows together today and even though nothing lined up I'm enjoying looking at it. I'll throw a border and binding on it and use it for a table topper. This was so old that I actually found the triangles had been outlined in light pencil. I must have cut them by hand...BY HAND...can you imagine? Based on my usual math avoidance and sloppiness, it's not really as bad as I thought when I found the bag. It's wavy but wavy and done is better than another UFO.

It's another pretty spring day here and the temps are even a little chilly. I don't mind that since I'm not a hot weather fan. Spring could go on forever as far as I'm concerned. Besides, I need to find a wedding outfit/dress whatever and the faster the time goes by the more panic there is. I do have some information that I'm willing to share but it's not good news. All the pretty dresses are in the small sizes. Crap! Further, I can't find anything in a nice suit with pants. You know what I mean? Perhaps a pair of silk pants and a pretty flowing (coveryourbigboobs) silky top and light jacketkimonowhatever. Now you understand why I'm thinking of having a cocktail at 4 in the afternoon. The sun is over the yardarm isn't it? I leave you with a picture of where I should be sitting to get my sanity back.
Talk to you soon.