Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Checking in

Just checking in to let you know that we're doing well. Since Roger's arm leaves him like a one-armed-lumberjack-there is much to do so I can't stay to chat. I'll be back with more news tomorrow and a picture of a special birthday surprise from a darling friend that could not have come at a better time.
Roger's arm is still in a sling and everything is very tender, to say the least. He has metal staples in three places on the shoulder but virtually no scar. The openings look like little belly buttons(innies) but they are clear and clean-that's good news. Back to the Dr. next week and no driving- so we're having an unexpected vacation of sorts. Not one we would have planned but life could always be worse. I like "the glass half full" attitude right now. Besides, I kinda like having the old bear home. Thanks, again, for all the nice wishes. I'll leave you with a shot of the harbor from last week-there are twice as many boats now. Talk to you tomorrow.