Monday, August 02, 2010

Surprise Shower for Dani

We had a surprise Wedding Shower for Dani yesterday. It was fun and kind of exhausting. Dani's family and friends are such fun people. I've been enjoying the experience of getting to know her Mom a lot better in the past couple of weeks. We have shopped for shower supplies and wedding cake and balloons and other stuff. Cheryl is so much fun to spend time with. I hope we get to do more things together soon. By the way that is her sitting next to Dani in the pictures. Pretty Lady!
Thrown in with the fun has been the experience of being around girls. Being the Mom of one son/child, the girls are a lot of fun and a whole new experience. They did a great job of decorating and made a wonderful day for Dani. All in all it was a lovely day in a pretty garden with perfect weather.
Now we will pray for another day just like it for the wedding in a months time. Please join me. We need all the prayers we can get. The Chapel where the wedding is to be held is not air conditioned. They have many ceiling fans and it is generally a cool place in the wooded surrounding. By the way, we will be entertained by a harp player during the chapel service.

This tiny thing that Dani is holding is a miniature cheese grater that my friend Diane included in the box of goodies she sent. Dani got a huge kick out of it...thanks Diane. She loved getting all the gifts and we enjoyed oooooing and ahhhhhing.

These lovely ladies are wedding party ladies surrounding the bride. Dani has the most beautiful friends and family. Beautiful inside and out.

I have so much to catch up on so I'll go do some of those things that fell by the wayside in the past days. Only one thing left for me to get for my wedding outfit-shoes...or as I am now referring to them...fricken fracken shoes. The result of never wearing shoes anymore and existing in flip flops is that my feet have gotten wider than they were. Shoes, which have always been my favorite buy are now a pain in...well...the foot. So far I have returned 4 pair of shoes that I thought would do but not so much. Even for an hour never mind a whole day. When did my feet get so fat? I can account for the rest of me but the feet?? Yikes!
Anyway, have a good day. Talk to you soon.
It's time for my nap...zzzzzzz