Friday, October 17, 2008

Say What??

Well, I finally found out what happens when you have a reaction of major proportions to the flu shot. Got mine on Wednesday-got the flu on Thursday. Seriously folks, The Freakin' Flu. Fever, joint pain and near delirium. You doubt my sincerity?? I was so out of it I melted my teapot to the stove. (Never mind that I've done that when I'm A OK more than once.) I woke up at about 3 am with fever and teeth chattering and tried to get out of bed. That's when I knew it was something bad. So much pain in my joints that my legs just about gave out under me. Tried in my stupor to figure out what was familiar about this feeling...Holy Crap says I, I've got the flu.
Well, after spending most of the day sleeping off the flu and trying to do some silly walks like Monty Python from the joint pain, my darling husband brought home eggplant Parm heros. I didn't feel like eating most of the day and I was in a veritable coma anyway but by the time Roger walked in with the hero I knew I was on the mend simply because I inhaled the eggplant parm and then cleaned my plate with my tongue...disgusting. In much the same way that you know that your dog is unwell if his nose is warm, you can be sure there is something deadly afoot if Dee looses her appetite. So anyway...I'm much better today, some joint pain in my hips left over but I got dressed and headed to the Library to return some stuff and have tea with my pal Terry. Always a great pick-me-up. She reminded me that next weekend is the Smithtown Stitchers Quilt show. It's a small one but they always have some good pieces. Sadly most of the work is very traditional. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I wouldn't mind seeing something a little arty too. Oh well, there are so few shows around here that any show is welcome.
I have much to catch up with in the way of laundry and ironing. I stopped and picked up a few things at the store for the weekend. My husband says we have had too much chicken lately. He rarely complains about anything so I guess he's right and I got a pot roast to prove the point.
Back soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you stand some color?

Hey! It's Clematine season. That's reason to celebrate. You have to appreciate the small things, right?
I have been wanting some red fabric for window toppers for a while. I found a pretty good deal at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and as soon as I'm done with this entry I will be heading up to measure out the pieces. These things don't take long to make-straight sewing-no sweat. The trick for me is to measure out all the hems and mark them well. The all you have to do is flat finish the seams and you good. I really need some red in my life.
I stopped at Tuesday Morning last week to see what I could find. Recently we found some Santoku knives at a close-out place while we were in Pennsylvania. The knives were dirt cheep and I have no problem just tossing them when they are no longer sharp. I remembered seeing some similar knives in TM a while back but they were a better brand and a little more expensive. Sure enough, I found a great one by Cuisinart that is nicely balanced and works well. Again, it's not so expensive that I will cry if it stops splitting hairs. The only problem I find with these knives is that they are sooooo sharp that one can easily mince the fingernails. Suffice to say I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing and I need a manicure. Anyway, while I was perusing the place, I noticed a display with Olfa cutters and quickly took the last 2. They are the $24 ones and I got them for 7 bucks and change. Whoooot!
Today I'm going to have dinner with an old friend. We were best pals in Jr. High and High School back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. What's amazing about this is that we live about a mile from each other and haven't seen each other much in 20+ years. How the heck does that happen? I had to get in touch with her about a legal problem that we are trying to resolve regarding my citizenship and immigration. She works in that area. She could not have been nicer and her voice was exactly the same. I can't describe it but she has a kind of throaty smoky voice and I could pick that voice out anywhere. It's very comforting. Anyway, we made a date for girly dinner together and I'm very happy about that. Now I just need to go find something to wear. That essentially means I need to iron something.
I feel better about things today than I did in my last entry. I'm sure it will be a roller coaster for a while but maybe...just maybe, we can breathe again. All this holding my breath is making me feel faint. I believe I'll have a drink with dinner.
Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barbarians at the Gate?

Apparently we have a small band of revolutionaries right here in our midst!!
Please click on the picture to see what they're up to and bring your sense of outrage and humor with you. This is the back page of the local....(I hesitate to call it a newspaper since they have a computer so old that it clearly doesn't have spellcheck) wrap journal...bird cage liner....meh, let's call it a paper. Can't really go wrong there. I am DYING to know who this group of parents are, DYING I tell you. This place is always a little better when there's drama afoot. A few years ago a man who I grew up buying my ice cream sundaes from, took on politics-badly. So badly that it nearly finished his business. One that had been around for nearly a hundred years. His position was coming from a good place but misguided by people who were surrounding him and did not have his best intentions in mind. He went after a very, very popular Police Chief and in no time at all his name was Mudd. The more stubborn he stood his ground, the worse things got for him until one day he was really hated. After the Chief's son was killed in Iraq, he was advised, even by his own advisers to make an end to it. I can't look at him to this day without thinking of how often I used to go into his shop for ice cream and the best burgers and how far he fell by his disregard for public feelings and stupid pig headedness. But that's small town life and so when I finished reading the ..ahem...paper in about 4 1/2 minutes I turned it down and noticed this back advert. Hooahhhh! It's time to sharpen our knives and take to the field of discontent.
I rarely speak about politics in this blog because I'm sure that I have many delightful friends in blogland that are of very differing opinions. I like my friends for a lot of reasons-none of which are political. I may admire a person for they're adept position and knowledge but I'm an equal opportunity friend. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. The biggest thing they have in common is that they are passionate about the things they say, or do, or feel. I long ago learned that politics stinks out loud. No matter which side you pick, at some point you will have to hold your nose and realize that if a politician is talking they are lying. I can't stand one side of this years disgusting brawl and I'm un-convinced that the other side is much better...only different. I guess that's what comes of living to 60 and living with a husband who has had to deal with Washington for a number of years. There is only one way that I will not be disappointed and that is because they all reveal themselves in the end. You just have to hope that before the crap hits the fan in front of can move to a safe place and not a lot lands on you. The past week has made me literally sick to my stomach. The moron in power keeps babbling about "Our Nation" and what we need to be patient about, meanwhile, he's going out in the golden parachute of all time and will never have to answer for what he has done....NEVER. Or perhaps eventually he will answer only to the God that he stands so righteously before all the time. As for me I think there's a special hell reserved for both him and his cronies.
Anyway, that's the news from around here this weekend. Hope I havn't offended anyone who matters a lot to me. I'm cynical and hurting. We played by the rules and we're screwed.I'm allowed to be pissed.
I'll be back with quilty stuff tomorrow-time to move on.