Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas This&That

We are as ready as we are going to get. Due to the generosity of the people who live here, I am inundated with envelopes containing checks for the Food Pantry. I guess the word is getting out through various media sources. We are well stocked and very grateful. Many letter of thanks will not go out until next week but I'm sure they will understand.
The Happy Couple(Dani & James) will be joining us for Christmas dinner and a poll was taken. The winner (or loser???) was turkey. Dani says she can't eat any Bambi-looking little creatures. Looks like the lamb will bite the dust until New Years.
I feel so sorry for the little tiny birds at this time of year. The giant, very fat, squirrels get all the stuff we throw out for the birds and these darling little guys seems to just hover around waiting for the scraps. It's so frozen out there that what looks like snow is really glazed over with ice and hard for the little ones to get a grip on. For that matter it's hard for the big ones, like us, as well.
I found some pretty Christmas stamps on google images and thought I'd share some unusual ones here. Stamps are such an inexpensive visual treat. Hope you enjoy them and that your holiday is a lovely one. Merry Christmas!