Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nothin' wishy-washy goin' on here

Well now...lookee what the postman brought me. A fabulous scrap-bag from the Color Countess of Tennessee. I have been running my hands through the yumminess and playing on this gray day. Maybe I'm not going to wind up being all that beige. I need to make a little space devoted to sorting because these fabrics are already fused and the Countess reminds me to clean my glasses or I will end up with a big blob of goo on the iron. While I was in the cleaning phase(an on-going and eye-opening event) I found some further proof that I have an, albeit recessive color gene. I forgot about these bright blue blocks.

Just the thing to overcome the gray blahs. It's not snowing but it is very damp and chilly. I'll take that over snow though. Up here on the hill snow removal is an all day affair for the guys. I keep hoping that someday they will awake in a blinding flash to realize that there are people you can hire to do the work for you. Won't hold my breath. When I win the big lottery-I'm going to hire many assorted and talented people with tools to finish the 300 things that need doing around here. You know, the things that we'll get to next year. I could keep a good sized army of men and women busy laboring around here for months if not years. Roof, windows, yardwork, snow removal, painting, floor installation....Ahh, I dream, and in color!

I rented a charming and unusual movie. It's not a regular ovie with a plot/story as such. It's 12 little short pieces about love in Paris called "Paris Je T'aime" Some of the stories are only a few short minutes and some are very sad and others very strange but more often than not, they are touching and sweet. I real enjoyed it. Each scene takes place in a different section of Paris and each by a different director. A huge number of stars mostly European but Willem Dafoe, Natalie Portman, Ben Gazzara, and Gena Rowlands are a few. There is a scene with character actor Steve Buscemi in the Paris Metro that is both hilarious and scary at once. Something different and, of course, the real star is Paris. Some french spoken but not that much. The only piece I didn't like was about Mimes. They annoy me.
Talk to you soon.


Scrapmaker said...

Have fun with that color, Dee. It looks like the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. Jen

Kay said...

I saw that movie. I thought the piece about the Nanny was one of the most touching things I've ever seen. So understated, but so meaningful.

Dorothy said...

Mimes annoy everyone. Steve Buscemi does too, come to think of it. ;o)

Janet said...

There's color!! LOTS of color. No beige anywhere in sight. Now have fun with it.

When I make my millions I want a cook and a chauffeur! That would make me very happy.

Mrs. Mel said...

thanks for the tip about the Paris dvd. I saw the previews and now I will go to Netflix.
I love Steve Buscemi. We have had our own Steve Buscemi film festival here in our private screening room.

Cindra said...

A color explosion! Just what you needed! Mel knows how to heal doesn't she? Speaking of which. I received a package today and will view it when I get back.
Can't wait to see your painted lady houses!

Quilting Journey said...

You've washed those wishies right out of your hair! Wow, now we're talking color my world! Once I rest up and finish the wash after my Alaska trip, I'm dragging my brights out and am just going to wallow in them. I didn't say quilt, I said wallow. I'm a wallow wishy.