Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blahh, & nothing but WIPS

I'd show you some pictures of what's happening but, unless you live under a rock, you're seeing it every five minutes on the tube.....endlessly, white, drift, cold, BAH!
Yesterday I started work on a pinwheel quilt for a baby to come in the spring. I used the Triangulations program and zipped through a bunch of half-square triangles. I love that they are perfect and square but the removal of paper and clipping of tips is tedious. That's OK since there is not a lot going on around here so I'll just listen to some music and clip and press. They are so cute. I'll have extra for a little piece for me...yippee.
Roger is home but, sadly, James & Bob had to head off in this mess this morning. I really hope they're home sooner rather than later since I hear icy stuff lowing against the window. That's very, very, bad. Especially when you live on tip of a hill looking down at the world around you. James got a ride in with his boss so his car is already up here but I doubt that Bob will make it up the hill later.
I made soup last night and, fingers crossed, we won't lose power, and I'll come up with something delicious and warming for today. There's always breakfast for dinner. Personally that's a big favorite of mine and I would eat that even if it wasn't a snowstorm.

I was just reading the news and saw a report that there was an earthquake in Chicago. They said that it sits on one of the largest fault lines in the country. Did you know that? Hmm. News to me but interesting. I read a book years ago that was about the Midwest and it's development over thousands of years. He wrote that thousands of years ago, Kansas, and surrounding parts of neighboring states, was once an enormous inland sea. Fascinating stuff for a history buff. Are you still awake....knock knock....
Anyway, I'm going to the sewing machine and playing with pinwheels-pictures to follow-maybe later.
Good luck wherever you are.


Terry said...

Always liked half-square triangles! Your snowstorm is amazing. I hope things settle down one of these days. Seems like it just keeps coming. Now, here it is almost springlike, but I am not getting complacent. The rain will return. Take care and stay warm.

Kay said...

The New Madrid earthquake, 1811 (?) Worst earthquake in US history. I think that's the same fault you're talking about. Another history buff here!

Looking forward to seeing those pinwheels!

Janet said...

I'm originally from IL....Decatur, middle of the state....and when I still lived back there we had a pretty good earthquake. It was probably sometime around 1968 or 1969 because my daughter was just a baby. Scared me to death! But now I live in CA and have experienced a couple of them. They still scare me mostly because there's no warning.