Saturday, February 06, 2010

Skin of our teeth...

First, let me thank you for all the lovely wishes. We had a nice anniversary with Eggplant parm and canoli for dessert.

Why are these guys smiling? Is it because they got into the Jack Daniels...possibly, but no. Is it because they found the cake mix and tins...well, that could certainly make them happy...but no.
The real true reason they are smiling is that the weather service has done it again. A week-long weather-terror alert has completely gone bust. Can I get a woot!
My sympathy to the areas below and to the west of us but we're really super glad that the storm passed to the south of us. I'm sure there will be a doozy coming up anytime soon to make up for it but, today, at the McDonald's there is much joy in the rocky outcropping that we call home here on the hill.

I had a great day out with my pal Terry yesterday. We drove to Westbury and did some light shopping and then had lunch at Panera, followed by a quick trip to the new local Quilt shop, Peaceful Quilting. One of the women who owns the place was kind enough to give us a basic run down on the long-arm they have. You can take lessons and then rent it by the hour. I think we may do that in the spring. It's only $65 for the lessons and then you can rent for $20 an hour. Putting that on the to do list. The classes are for 4 and with Terry and Pam and myself that would almost be a whole class in itself. Cool.

I got some nice pieces of Kaffe fabric and some pretty new thread in Kaffe colors to finish the garden pathway piece I'm working on. If I can get other stuff out of the way today maybe tomorrow I can resume work on that. I'm going to work on a baby quilt made from pinwheel blocks as well.

Off I go-talk to you soon


Gerrie said...

I'm glad you missed out on that huge snow storm. I know the feeling.

Janet said...

I wondered if the storm had dumped a lot of snow on you! My daughter in DE said they got quite a bit.

That picture is great!!

Libby said...

There was similar joy in our neck of the woods - not a single flake landed here *s*

Darcie said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary wishes to you and Roger! Sounds like it was a fine night...just the two of you.

Snow. Ah yes. Seems like it's been snowing since Christmas. It hasn't...and really we did have a couple of gorgeous days in January...but that now seems like eons ago. lol Glad you were *missed.* ;-)

Snowy hugs....