Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Darcie-Hand dyed beauties

First, I want to thank all of you lovely women who were nice enough to look at my Amish-style small quilts and leave such thoughtful comments. You all made my day and then some.

The luscious beauties below came to me in the mail yesterday from Darcie Grager. Darcie is a long-arm quilter and fabric dyer extraordinaire. I wish you could feel these gorgeous fabrics. They look like suede and feel wonderful. She's amazing. If you haven't been over to her blog to visit and see the amazing work she does, don't miss out on seeing some real beauties. Anyway, a few entries ago she showed a mariners compass and the fabric was dyed by her for a class she was giving at her sister's shop "Comforts of Home" in N. Dakota. Those ladies are one talented team. The fabric she showed(above) just made me think it was time for another Amish-style quilt I have had in mind for a while. As you can see, the colors will be more muted and less black. I'm thinking of using black as an accent and that will be lots easier on the eyes for hand quilting. So-thanks you Darcie for this beautiful fabric and for the special surprise piece that was included in the package.

On the vacation and birthday front, things are humming along and I finally found some pants that fit nicely as well as sandals and jammies etc. I have much to accomplish this week so I'll cut things short today and just say, again, thanks for visiting me. Once the trip is over I hope to get back to posting on a more regular schedule with actual quilty stuff to show. Talk to you soon.


Darcie said...

Well aren't you just the sweetest to say those things! Thank you! I'm so glad that your fabs arrived safely and are already being petted and loved! That is what it's all about!

You are very welcome for the little extra something-something. I just couldn't resist.

You have a wonderful trip, Dee!!!

Kay said...

Have a good trip, Dee. Keep stitching and smiling!

Finn said...

Hi Dee, just popping in to say hello and tell you how much I am enjoying my PIF treats *VBS*
Love the Amish quilts...such perfect stitching...I'm very impressed!!! Darn these aging eyes, I know I have a terrible time with black these days, I can't even see to match up the edges while piecing with it. Keep up that beautiful work as long as you can! Hugs for a great vacation, Finn

Grazia said...

Ok Dee.....I see you're in you Amish period now....:):):)