Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Roof 'n stuff

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter....Today's the day folks. Here are some guys getting the new roof started. There are many more of these guys on my roof and the surrounding area. The stuff is flying off all around and it's hanging on trees and bushes all over. I sure hope they clear up all the crap that's lying all over. Tar paper floating through the skies and the banging...ugh! I just dropped in to say Hi and for something fabric related I finished the binding on a little pre-printed thing for Christmas. Nothing creative going on here, just something to perk up the house and get a little festive mojo going.

I'm making Chinese for dinner. Chicken and snow peas. Easy peasy just saute and make a sauce-make some basmati rice and there you go. I think I'll make myself a cup of tea and some tylenol. No chance of dropping off for a quick 40 winks today but that means I'll get something more done. I am on letter 41 of the 55 letters I need to get done. My eyes are rebelling. I'll take a little break and then gt back to it later. It's funny, I'm so secluded up here and I don't pay it much mind but I feel like I can't wait for these guys to finish. I find I really don't like having anyone here during the day. Can't concentrate and it feels weird. with all the guys outside. I don't like curtains but today I wouldn't mind having them. Nothing against the guys, just weird.

Hope you have a good, and quiet, day!


Gerrie said...

Argh! Roofers are notoriously messy and noisy. I hope they clean up for you. I know you have ways to make it happen, right?

Kay said...

I know exactly what you mean about the workers. Once long ago we had a new roof, and it was a messy, noisy experience, plus the fact that there was a rainstorm and we had a leak. ! And then about a week after it was finally done, the dumpster and the mess gone, a truck came to deliver a dumpster. They had made a mistake and had us on the list twice. It was like some sort of awful flashback to see that dumpster again!

I'm sure yours will go more smoothly. But the noise is unavoidable.

Libby said...

Oh gosh - I hope they finish quickly. I remember the noise *argh* and the feeling that my privacy was invaded, so I know just how you feel. The tea will make you feel better *s*

Terry said...

We had a roof put on our old house and stuff blew out of the trees for months afterward! Nice to have a good sound roof overhead, though. I hope they are speedy and tidy.

I loved the Botticelli Madonna and Child. She looks like a lovely young woman. I share your love of religious art, though am a very lapsed Methodist with lots of questions myself.

Hope you have a good Christmas season. I think we are on a similar wavelength. I was appalled by the stories of the shopping on Black Friday and am making a concerted effort to avoid shopping. Just did most of my Christmas shopping online this morning by making donations to food banks and clean water projects in the 3rd world. Not a year to be frivolous, in my humble opinion.

Enjoy your big TV. We got a big one recently and are so enjoying movies and sports on it.