Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday musings

So much festivity afoot (snort)in my neck of the woods. My best friend's store now has an annual Leg Lamp Lighting. Sorry to say I missed the festivities. They had a pretty good turnout I hear. I must try to get a picture for you when the lamp is lit. Terry got this lamp as a joke for Jim a few years ago and until someone had this brilliant idea it was standing in the huge oval window of her very beautiful house. That window is on the back side of the house in case you're wondering. She's funny but the leg is really only funny for a day or two and then it mimics the movie in an unfortunate way. By the way, whenever I see a box that's marked FRAGILE I cannot pronounce it any other way than fra gee lay now. She's got the most gorgeous house and I'm sure she wasn't unhappy to see the leg lamp go.
Believe it or not, there are still thing being finished on the roof and fascia. Our carpenter guy has a medical emergency in his family the other day so he couldn't work. No problem, it will be done tomorrow. Today the weather turned scarry cold. This morning it was 21 degrees when I got up. The carpenter came by and told me it was too cold to work with the stuff he's got to put up. He'll be here tomorrow. Now for tomorrow it is supposed to get to about 50. A little consistency would be nice. James has a cold so everyone will have one soon. Bah! We are hunkering down with the echinacea and Airborne. It doesn't stop the cold but it seems to cut the time short. I swear by the echinacea. That stuff is gold.
I really need to get myself a list going and get to the store for some small stuff for the guys for Christmas. Time is flying by.
My son and husband did some setting up of the HDTV monolith I got last week. The set works either way but we needed to get the HD receiver, which James picked up Saturday for me. The he fixed the tuner in my bedroom so I can get some music. It seems the plugs were just hanging out on the back. I wasted a lot of time on Sunday discovering all the HD channels I get now. Way up there around 800 or so there are two foreign movie channels and many, many music channels. All kinds of music from Jazz to holiday, to easy listening(gag) and classical and classic rock (wahoo) and more gagging....rap. I also get Voom, a movie channel and some others. All of this is important because I need another good reason not to be productive. I must admit that the music is pretty nice though.
Well, I must go get a few more things done. Roger would probably like to wear a shirt tomorrow I'm thinking. Although...he's always looking for a reason not to be able to go to work and this would do I'm sure. I'm conflicted now.


Libby said...

Oh, I wish I was close enough to go to the lamp lighting *s* That's my idea of a good time!

Kay said...

The new TV technology makes me jealous; ours is so basic. I don't know why I care because I don't watch much TV, but somehow the thought of all those choices so convenient sound so luxurious.

Quilting Journey said...

Oh man, and I thought I had 'a leg up' on technology just by coming to Alaska to get basic cable! So, here you are luxuriating with hd and a kazillion channels..ha! go girl! I'm hunkered down with a fresh 8" of snow, two old folks, 8 visitors a coming (and 14 already in town) trying to figure out how to get groceries without snow tires much less 4 wheel drive. I mean this is Alaska folks, no snow tires, dad???? I could use a little Christmas music right now;) and maybe a violin or make me laugh, Dee....Falalalala lalala lahhhhhh ;)

Anonymous said...

It amazes me sometimes how we can have 999 channels and there's nothing on.