Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday This & That

Just as soon as I have this finished and get the steak cut up we will be having Beef Stroganoff for dinner-over Basmati rice. Hurry up over, dinner at 6:30 ish.

I took my little life into my hands and went over the river and through the woods to...the book store, Sears, and a couple of other stops. Sears now carries Lands End clothing so when I'm looking for something from them I would rather not pay shipping charges if they have it a couple of miles from me. The downside is that nearly all the time, the don't have what I need. Today they had what I needed but I refused to stand on a line a mile long. My own fault since I got a late start. I'll get an earlier one either tomorrow or Monday. I don't do weekends in stores unless there is something earth shattering going on. Especially this time of year. But I digress. While I was heading back out to the car I passed through the men's dept. and found a great buy for James. They had really nice pullover fleece in gray and orange. Two of them marked down to less than half price. Also, a great heavy duty lived windbreaker marked down from $100.00 to $39. I couldn't let that one pass and since I hit it at the perfect time there was only one person ahead of me. Good thing too since it was about 95 degrees in the store and I was melting.
Here's a shot of the brief snowfall we had the other morning. I couldn't sleep so I took this at about 5:30 am. By yesterday it was all gone. We are having the weird weather again. Monday it was 21 degrees and yesterday it was 60. A little consistency would be great.
I really miss my sewing machine. Don't know how I can call myself a quilter much longer. I am sewing bindings on things but it's stuff I've shown here before. The Pantry and shopping have taken over my life. When the holidays are over things will calm down again...I hope.
Hope you're having something delicious for dinner too. Talk to you soon.


Gerrie said...

I am making seafood chowder with ingredients from Trader Joe's - shrimp, scallops, Soycatash (has edamame instead of lima beans), vegetable stock and fat free half and half. If it is fat free, what is the other half?

I have to go shopping when the store opens - I can take about an hour - then I am done.

Libby said...

It's breakfast time here - good old cold cereal . . . . the kind with lots of fiber (I do miss the days of sugary, sweet, fun cereal for breakfast *s*)
Love the snow pic. We are having weird weather too. Hot - cold - hot - cold. They keep telling us a big rain is coming. I can hardly wait.

Darcie said...

Oh good heavens! Glad my tummy is still full from breakfast. That looks all-too-tasty! (drool)

LOVE the picture!!! Ohmygoodness. Talk about monochromatic tranquility!!!

Terry said...

The Stroganoff looks yummy. We had guests for dinner. I made spagetti with my favorite sauce. Potroast cooked with crushed tomatoes, herbs, garlic, until the meat falls apart, black and green olives stirred in just before serving over pasta.

Anonymous said...

Good to know about Sears and Lands End. What's up with stores (and some people's houses!) that they keep them so hot in the winter when you're wearing corduroy and wool? If you come to my house, dress warmly because it's a balmy 66-67 in here most of the time.

That's a nice photo of the stroganof. Did you take it? I love stroganof, I'm going to put it on my menu for next week. I want to get all my favorites out of my system before I start the big diet in January.

Tonight we are having roasted chicken breast with 40 cloves of garlic, a baked yam (just salt & pepper), and green beans. I love green beans. That's my trouble--I love everything.

My dog loves green beans too.

Sandra Evertson said...

YummY! Looks delicious! Sending Season's Greetings your way!
Sandra Evertson