Friday, January 11, 2008

Holiday Bounty & Book Talk

Ain't it great to have friends. Not to mention generous family. Last night was the Thursday Night Quilt Club. We hadn't gotten a chance to get together all December. That's not unusual-we don't meet then because everyone is so busy. In the past we have gone out to dinner but last night we decided to just visit with each other and glom onto the goodies. My friend Pam gave me a couple of things but this lovely little panel is the sweetest thing. It's really pretty and these pre-printed things are a snap to put together. I've been looking for something different for the kitchen wall. This will do just fine. My pal Terry gave me these earrings(sorry for the pic quality, I couldn't get the glare out)and they are very pretty. They are made from gold, copper, and silver. I really like them a lot and they're not heavy.

The other day I took a trip to Borders to see if I could find anything to spend my gift cards on(heh). I got several of my favorite old movies and an interesting book about Lady Jane Grey. I am currently absorbed in reading about history. It's not bad but I just started it so I'll let you know. I threw in the "Kabul Beauty School" even though I didn't buy it the other day. I wish I could recommend it more but I came away from it with mixed feeling. I didn't think the woman was a very sympathetic character and I'm not sure why. It was interesting but she just turned me off with certain attitudes. I'd give it a meh, and no more.
These two are a couple of books that I read reviews of and thought they might be good. They're not bad but I wasn't crazy about them either. "Queen of Fashion" is about Marie Antoinette and her clothing and fashions of the day and how they affected politics with regard to her head coming off becasue of what she wore. It's o.k. but becomes tedious when they go into almost too much information. For a book about fashion I was looking forward to more pictures and there are not that many. "Veil of Roses" is a book about a young woman who comes to America from Iran and needs to marry before her green card expires. It, too, is o.k. but no great shakes. It's kind of a sweet story with lots of information about dating an Iranian woman and how culture shock affects her relationships with various Americans. It's interesting but I'm in the mood for a book I can't put down and that is rare lately. Haven't had that since "The Space Between Us" & "The Kite Runner".
I have vowed to get out the mighty Viking and sew something so I'll go and get myself dressed. I was awake at 4 am this morning for some unknown reason so I'm not sure how much energy I can maintain but we'll see. Hope your day is a good one.


Janet said...

Thanks for the review on those books. I'm also looking for something really good to read right now but nothing seems to catch me. I have a gift card at Amazon so that should be fun.

Rian said...

I'm reading "Water for Elephants" right now and it's a good read. I saw the movie "Babette's Feast," and it's one of my favorites.

Perry said...

If you haven't read A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author as The Kite Runner, then that is the book for you. It is wonderful!
Like you I need to be sewing, but I just can't get up the energy tonight. May we have abundant energy manana! lol

Cindra said...

You might have enjoyed the documentary of the Beauty School of Kabul better. It really gave a good picture of what it is like there. The women, although treated like secondary citizens, pretty much do most of the work. It was interesting to see the interviews and see the men standing around on the corners with their rifles while the women watched the children, went to school, cooked cleaned and earned the money.

Anonymous said...

If you want a book you can't put down read "Gap Creek" can't remember the authors name or "Mad River Road" by Joy Fielding. Both very very good.