Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's January...right?

What a rare day in January in New York. It's 60 degrees out and the sun is shining. I just couldn't waste this opportunity so I got myself dressed and headed off to Target, Borders, and a finish at the grocery store for a few items. I never made it to the beach to take some pictures but I found these old pics the other day. They were taken in the late 18 & early 1900s. That pretty little lane there is the main road that runs parallel to our house. It's now a main thoroughfare and the road to one of the beaches on the bay side. You turn one way and find yourself at the Sound looking at Connecticut and the other way you find yourself on a stretch of beach that doesn't look that much different than this picture. The only thing missing are the shots of the million dollar McMansions that crept in during the later part of the last century. It's all private now, except for the small public areas. When I was a very young woman I had many friends who lived on this beach and there were always parties in the summer and fall. Of course we had to defend ourselves from the Dinosaurs that roamed the earth then.
I mulled over the concept of staying home and sewing today but once I opened the windows and felt the warm spring-like air I was lost. I know this will all be over in a few days. Especially since last week at this time it was 12 degrees out. So, I'm going to make a cup of tea and read a magazine and make some dinner in a while. Rain tomorrow, but still sort of warm. I'll take it as it comes. This must be what it's like to live in California. I'd be happy to just have 50s for the winter. I'm wearing a linen blouse and walking around outside-works for me.


Janet said...

Great old photos. And I almost choked at your comment about the dinosaurs! Sounds as if you're having better weather than much of California right now! We've had cold rainy weather....and snow, too.

Gerrie said...

I'm suffering from SADD today. I could use some sun and warm temps. I might get on a plane and head south.

Mrs. Mel said...

O my darling Dee, we are so alike. I loved the dinosaur crack too. So apt.
And having a cuppa while reading a magazine...I'll be right over.

And not to top you, but it was 72 here on Monday.

Rian said...

58 and cloudy here, but sunny tomorrow. Welcome to winter in California. It was tough being in NY over Christmas as I do not own a proper winter coat.