Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This & That and Books

Who says I can't manage to avoid doing the things I should be doing?? Here are some of the many ways I'm not sewing. In a week or two I'll be in a panic. In the mean time I'm enjoying the things you see above. So many people have told me how much they adore 'Pushing Daisies" so I had to try it myself. Very, very much fun and well done. At least the first couple I watched. Why don't they make tv like this more often?
I got "My Father's Paradise" because I read a review of it that made me really want to have it and it lives up to the review. Very well written. Simply because I can't turn down a historical biography, I will probably read the "The Other Queen" which is about Mary Queen of Scots. I'm currently reading "The Loves Of Louis XIV" which is written by Antonia Frasier. I like her writing most times but this may be a little too dry even for a history buff like me. I'm reading it in small bits here and there. The fact that I can easily put it down and not look back is always a bad sign for me.
In an effort to make me feel guilty about not quilting or sewing, I received another monthly package of fat quarters from Keepsake. They have a decidedly Halloween feel to them and are, in fact, called "Not quite Halloween" I'm not sure of how I'll use them but it's a sure thing that they won't be for this Halloween.
This afternoon I made a big pot of Italian vegetable soup with hot sausage and potato. You can make it with tortellini or other pasta but I didn't have enough of either of those things on hand. I'm making cheddar biscuits with it and calling it a day. It's perfect soup weather. Cool and a little damp.
Hope you have a great night.


Kay said...

That soup sounds wonderful!

Terry said...

I love Pushing Daisies. The story line is silly, but the characters are great and the visuals are just a treat! I think this season is even better than the first. They seem to be featuring Kristen Chenowith a little more and she is a hoot!

Anonymous said...

I'm behind the times, never heard of Pushing Daisies. The books sound interesting. I notice the Indiana Jones movie in the photo. I bought it but still haven't watched it. Maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I loved Pushing Daisies the first season but then it got too inane for me.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like the Mary Queen of Scots book. I've read a lot about her and can't reach a conclusion, although I'm more in sympathy with her than otherwise. Maybe it's my Scottish bias. Margaret George's version was the best.

Janet said...

I tried watching "Pushing Daisies" a couple of times but couldn't get into it. As for the books, I haven't read "The Other Queen" yet but it's on my list. I've read almost all of Philippa Gregory's other books and enjoyed them.