Friday, March 14, 2008

WIPs-not Wed.

The fun thing about being totally disorganized is how easy it is to completely forget about an entire group of blocks. Regard....many nine patch Amish-like blocks. Enough for a good sized wall hanging when mixed with some plain ones. I love Amish quilts. The ones I saw many years ago in Pennsylvania Amish country are the quilts that first made my heart go pitter-patter. I was convinced that something so simple could not be so difficult. Hah!The funny thing is that sometimes, the simpler the more difficult it becomes to do the simple blocks real justice. All this is by way of saying that I found a cache of these blocks and it peaked my interest all over again. Sometimes it's really good to pull all the crap out of a bag and see what's going on down at the bottom. I have several of these type bags from various sources. My BIL Bob's cruise trips and some from the new trend to use cloth bags for groceries, which I like a lot. The other little top, really a table topper, just needs a binding sewn on and it will be off to a friend who needs something cheerful in her life right now.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to today. Yesterday was a weird day consisting of computer problems that began a week ago. Apparently we have something called splicers or some such thing that are outdated or in bad condition-whatever, they need replacing. Once a couple of things were taken care of by my crack computer staff(Hi guys-love you) our so- called high-speed surfing abilities resumed this morning. If you tried to contact me yesterday I probably didn't get your e-mail. If you didn't...what were you doing that was so important you couldn't shoot me a hello? Kidding.

Off to the Mighty Viking to play.

By the way, thanks for the tips on thread-Red Rock looks good and the choices are better.


Kay said...

Finding things in the bottom of the bag is always good! You can't be that disorganized or you would have found them AFTER you needed them--

Hancocks has shipped my back ordered batting. Maybe your thread is in there too.

Janet said...

I'm always finding things stuffed in a bag or a box but it's usually way after the time I was looking for them!

Glad your computer is working better now. And....uh, yes....of course I tried to email you yesterday!! Just kidding....I couldn't resist. But I really wasn't doing anything all that important.

Darcie said...

I've never thought of it before until just now...but quilting is a little like banking. We need to deposit the "goods" away...somewhere that we cannot see them for awhile...and they accumulate "interest"...and the all of the's exactly what we needed on "a rainy day."

OK. I am very simple. But simple is good, isn't it?! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, Dee! Hugs...

Grazia said...

I like Amish quilts very much.....but I I don't think I could do them....they do them better than me!!!!:):)
Ciao dall'Italia.....