Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Purple Passion... #225 in the Saga of thread

The Hancock's Saga continues. Today the FedEx truck delivered me an empty envelope. My hand to God. Empty. Zilch, Zip, Nada. Inside was a packing slip that read-I Hancock's of Paducah new catalog-3 rolls thread-back-ordered. The mind reels.
After some more discussion and a serious conversation regarding quality control and consumer unhappiness, I was told that I could have a free large cone of off white and still would receive my other thread as soon as it can be shipped, overnight, registered receipt. I can't wait to see what turns up this time. I wish they would mistakenly send me some great fat quarters or even some Kentucky BBQ-I really don't care because normally I have to use cablevision to get some laughs like this. I did manage to be really polite and act like a lady, mostly because I sense that I could be 3 feet from the person, screaming in their ear and they still wouldn't have an IQ larger than 2 digits. What's the point of yelling at the impaired? Thus ends another chapter in the Thread Saga.
Now on to really important things. I've been collecting different fat quarters of purple for a while. It started with a packet that I got from Keepsake a long time ago. I think I was in the Civil War monthly packs back then. Some of these are called mourning purples. They were shades of purple that woman from that era could wear when they were widows and enough time had passed that all black clothing could expanded to include something similarly somber but not black. I really loved the colors and the patterns. Most are sweet little prints and over time I included other pieces that were other variations of the color. They have been sitting on the shelf, aging for a time now. I need a new quilt. One for me personally. I am the electrician with no lights. The quilt I made myself many years ago is in shreds and was never a pretty one to begin with. It was serviceable and badly done a very long time ago. So I spent the morning cutting out pieces, strips and squares for a pattern much like the little quilt shown in the last entry but with solid center blocks. The colors are so pretty. I'm liking it and it looks elegant. I may have to move in order to use it in elegant surroundings since my bedroom is currently a pit without purple passion.
The other little quilt is part of a PIF piece that I am just putting a binding on-soon to be sent out.
I listened to two speeches this week. The new Governor of NY gave a rousing speech which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is everything Elliot Spitzer is not plus he appears to have a sense of humor. No sooner was the speech over than they broke in with a "this just in" headline in which he admitted that he and his wife had engaged in extramarital affairs.. Sigh..... Let me just say that if I hear one more word about the sex life of political people anywhere I'm going to hurl. Enough people! Keep your pants on your skirts down your legs crossed and your mind on important issues. I don't care if they roll around the sty nekkid on their time-I don't want to hear about it anymore...Bleah!On that note there isn't a hole deep enough to bury the Ex-governor of NJ McGreavy gang and their chauffeur...Ted. Even the Judge at their divorce hearing said they were the most disgusting group of people he had in his courtroom in recent memory. Yuk.
On the plus side, I just finished listening to Obama explain himself and that man is a wordsmith. If he's doing something behind closed doors I don't want to know. It matters not to me. Just raise the bar out of this fetid, stinking mess that is politics in general and Washington D.C. specifically.
O.K. It's back to the sewing machine. Over and out!


Zazzu said...

Just so I'm clear...you're NOT recommending HOP's customer service? ;)

Love those purples. They don't look very mournful to me, but I guess ladies got tired of wearing black day-after-day. Not me, I'd wear it head-to-toe every day if I wouldn't have to hear about it. "Oh, are you going to a funeral?" Idiots.

Blogger ate my last comment, I think, so if there's a double-post from me, please forgive.

Also, I'm still loopy from last night's Tylenol PM so I normally don't sound so stupid. Well, I'd like to think I don't. :)

Libby said...

You can put me squarely in the column 'Customer Service Is Dead!' I think the only thing we have left is to laugh and hope for the best - the alternative is too dark . . . unless we can dress ourselves in mourning purples - but the irony of that would be lost on those to whom it was aimed *s*

Rose said...

Not even going to comment on the HOP thing--sure makes me afraid to order from them any time in the near future.

Otherwise, I love that little beauty at the top of your blog! Like the purples, too...

Dorothy said...

Pierre Trudeau said (in the 70s! I believe) that government has no business in the bedrooms of the people. And unless they're doing it on the public tab, I'm not sure the reverse is any less true (does that make sense? Gah! My excuse in Nyquil)

I love the purples, I think that little quilt is adorable (and you've reminded me of my own PIF obligation), and call Stacey!

Dorothy said...

oops - Stacey

Valerie said...

I love the purples. They are beautiful. I love the quilt at the top also. I enjoyed my visit.

Rian said...

Remind me never to order from HoP again. Oh wait, you just did.

I really dig David Patterson. He's got a great sense of humor.

Love those purples! Glad to see you back in the studio again.

Gerrie said...

I cannot believe the thread saga - that is too much. I hope they have an 800 #!!

Purple? I never took you for a purple people quilter.

Cindra said...

Now those speak to me of lavenders except the rich purple in the lower left of the photo. Those are beautiful and peaceful where purple calls for attention and adoration. I would offer to send you some purples for your quilt except mine are in the juvenile range that have all sorts of brightness to them and don't fit. I think this is going to be beautiful when done.

To be perfectly honest... I am sick of all politicians. They get elected and totally forget they are working for us. They are constantly trying to find things that don't need fixing to fix and too lazy to work on the things that do need fixing (health care, social security, taxes, the economy.) They don't deserve the wonderful platinum parachutes they have awarded themselves. Nuff said.
Have a good one, Dee!