Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what's up with the internet and/or Blogger?

I'm not even sure this will go through since everything is very weird with the Internet and possibly blogger. I can't open many pages or upload pictures or even get comments to go through on some things.
Anyway, I went to the Dr. for a check-up on the cholesterol status and it's better-not a lot but at least a few points. The weight is the same but that's not bad since I thought I had gained a pound or two at least. All in all not horrible.
I've decided to take the Kaffe fabrics I got, and hope to be able to show you soon, and make them into snowball type blocks so I can highlight the beautiful fabric and not have to chop it all up. His fabric almost calls for that type of treatment. It was a toss up between something like a Bento Box block and this. I'll check back tomorrow and let you know which I end up with. With snowball blocks I can really show each pattern and I have a lot of bright Moda solids to use in the corners.
I hope this mess on the Internet sorts itself out soon. I miss visiting friends and commenting. In the meantime, thanks to all who commented regarding the Hancock's mess up. Good to know I'm not alone. By the way, the thread is still out there in the hinterlands somewhere. What are my chances of getting 4 spools of thread in a tiny package delivered???? Hmmm
By the way, we're all sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting to find out exactly what it is that Governor Elliott Spitzer paid $5000.00 for. That must be some trick!!! I wonder about his wife and why he had to drag her out on that stage for his arrogant performance yesterday....or...should we wonder about her if she went willingly. Poor kids though. Really disgusting behavior and the first time, in-I-can't-remember-when, that we were actually surprised and shocked by a politicians dirty behavior...really surprised. This guy has held more feet to the fire in NY than you can imagine. Like a dog with a bone. Rumors abounded that he was really hated in Albany though. I read an article recently in Vanity Fair that said there were people who spent their days just going over things with a fine-toothed comb to find anything on him...anything. Little did those people know that the FBI was already getting the goods. They say that there is dancing in the streets in Albany-the hum of happiness in the State Senate.
Oh Well-more to come soon I'm sure. They'll trot out that hooker and give her a book contract and, as Roger says, they are probably filming the made-for-t.v. movie right now.
Stand By...


Kay said...

Amy on Calico Cat is using those Kaffe Fasset prints, I think. Every time I see them I like them more. He has some very bright versions of William Morris prints I like too. I saw them in the Hancocks catalog :)

If you can't believe in Elliott Spitzer, who can you trust?

Perry said...

You are right about the tv/movie stuff. It will make a good story by the time Hollywood gets through with it. I couldn't understand why his wife was with him either.

Gerrie said...

Actually, I think she is going to get a record deal - she sings - nopun intended.

I hate blogger. I love wordpress.