Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy Weekend

I thought I would leave you with some pictures of something beautiful to look at. Moonflowers unfurling while you watch them are a sight to behold. Some people say they have no fragrance but ours do. They have a fresh, green, clean, perfume only found in nature. The perfume is so slight it's almost elusive. Since they are only open for an hour or two at twilight and daybreak, you have to be vigilant for these short weeks while they open. Moonflowers are luminous in the evening light as if they had their own magic light within. What a gift they are.

As for our so called tropical storm....meh! It would have been a damp and un-pleasant gathering so we are crossing our fingers for next weekend. Cross your fingers for our couple....and us. All we need is one day-no rain-not much wind-and a reasonable temperature. Pretty please..just one day?


Rian said...

How interesting, seeing that moonflower. We used to have a cactus that would bloom every so often (actually not so often) only at night, and if you happened to catch it, it gave off the most delighful fragrance. The flower would be dead by next morning. But your moonflower looks a bit like a morning glory, so maybe it stays around longer.

Jane Ann said...

I love white flowers and I always longed for a nighttime garden, luminous under a full moon. It would definitely include your moonflowers for the morning and evening hours. Gorgeous display. Thanks.

Cindra said...

The moonflowers are lovely... I would love to observe one.

I am praying for good weather!

stef said...

I love moonflowers :-) They are just so elegant.