Thursday, October 01, 2009

...and still more

I tried to get a decent shot of this beautiful cross because it reminded me of the work that my good friend Gerrie Congdon does. It just had a very Gerrie feel to it. Click for a larger and better view. It is on the grounds of the Franciscan Monastery.

Yesterday I showed you the Nubble light and mentioned how isolated it was even
though it looks close. If you enlarge the photo and look right under the telephone poles on the left you will see the little wire basket that transports stuff and people. Strong stomach for that one on a windy day.
Here is a Gypsy wagon that has come from England and been beautifully restored inside and out. It lives in the Owl's Head Transportation Museum with many old beautifully restored cars and planes. It's such a nice place that even I enjoyed the visit to see all the old touring cars and coaches.
Anyway, that's really about all that I have for now. On the left at the top is the new button for the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival. If you didn't get a chance to show off something that you made in the spring, click on the button and go see what's up. Only a week or so to go. Once the show starts you will need a cuppa and something to nosh while you go from blog to blog seeing the fabulous work that everyone submits for our viewing pleasure. In the spring there were a couple of hundred entries-it was amazing. What a great idea this was and I think there will be chances to win fabulous things in a drawing as well. All of this wonderfulness is due to the delightful Amy of Park City Girl blog, which is in my links(under Amy,Park City Girl duh)I'm really looking forward to it even though it is soooooo easy to get lost in the show and, thus, get even less done than usual.
I just got back from COSTCO with Terry and have to catch up with some more boring housework and, what else, laundry grrrrrrr. Surely there is a place in hell where people have to do nothing but laundry day in and day out forever...gahhhh
Talk to you soon


Gerrie said...

thank you for the complement and the photo of the cross. I love it.

Rian said...

Yeah, we hate laundry. It'd be nice to ship it off to those people in hell. Beautiful photos, Dee.

Rosy said...

Oh gosh, I love Gypsy wagons. I bought a pattern to make one from

some time ago. I would so love to have one in my back yard lol.