Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More from Lobsterlandia

The weather in Maine went from this first shot to the last in a morning. Pea soup to glorious in a few hours. These are some more pics of Cadillac Mountain and the loop road. The black rocks are where magma rose to the surface at the beggining of time. The rocks go from gray to coral to black. Very beautiful.

Here, below, is a shot of Camden harbopr. One of the prettiest places and where you almost can't take a bad shot...except when the sun is shining right into the camera.

This picture is a shot of the outdoor chapel at the very pretty Franciscan Monastery in Kennebunk. You can stay there in one of the guest rooms if you want and I can't think of a more contemplative place to be for a day or two. It's very lovely. The pics are clickable for a better view. It's so quiet and the smell of the pine trees is like perfume. Surely all of the worlds problems could be solved there. Alright, maybe some of them.

This is Nubble Light. It's pretty secluded even though it looks like you could just hop over. There are a series of ropes and a small basket that transport both people and stuff. Looks like fun except when the wind is really whipping. It's not much of a basket and the ropes look a little questionable.
Well, that's it for today. Not a lot of sewing stuff, as usual. I have to get going on the sewing room. Especially since I added to the McDonald Fabric Collection during the visit to Maine. My fingers are itching to get going.
The weather here has turned quite nippy and a little damp. It's not helping that head cold that has moved itself into my chest. So much to do and I need some energy. Maybe a cup of tea and a round of B-12.
Talk to you soon.


Gerrie said...

I love the coast of Maine. I feel like I need a getaway like this. Maybe soon.

GARI said...

We have vacationed in Maine, twice and your pictures just make me want to go again. I love that part of the East - in the summer! We stayed at a B&B in Camden and then in Acadia. Great place!!

Nicole said...

I have never been to Maine--what a beautiful state! I can see I have been missing out.

Libby said...

Just glorious.

tami said...

Sorry I missed you when you were visiting our fair state. You'll have to call next time and I'll point you to some great quild shops. ;D