Monday, September 28, 2009

Back From Maine..with photos

Here's a picture of Sal the Seagull. He's in the same place on the same rock every time we come. Someone must feed him there since he has absolutely no fear of humans and sort of looks at you like your a big pain in the ass for not having food. Sal lives on the Loop Road on Cadillac Mountain. The second shot is the fog in Boothbay one morning.

I don't have a picture of a pile-o-lobster but it would illustrate the swine-like behavior of all three of us in Maine....burp. We're back and fall seems to be in full swing around here. The wind is whipping the trees into a froth and the acorns are pinging against the sides of the house like firecrackers.

Maine was sublime. It always is but since we missed last years journey with Roger's illness, it was especially sublime this visit. These are shots of Kennebunkport. The days were warm but not hot and a lovely breeze blew around us all the time.

I visited a couple of quilt shops. Maine-ly Sewing not far from Camden and Sewing by the Sea in Bar Harbor. Somewhere along the way I managed to catch a head cold that has left me a little dizzier than usual. Seems like a inner ear thing that's making me wobble like a weeble. Not as much fun as it sounds. It's almost gone now. Except for the 200 lb. head thing.

Here's a shot of me catching my breath. The "boys" really ran me around this trip.

I have many more pictures taken by my crack staff that I need to sort through and a picture of the fabric(this used to be a sewing blog) that jumped into my bags. Not really all that much this time. I looked for some quality instead of quantity this time. There are two babies being born in Jan and Feb that I need to make quilts for and a possible wedding quilt(ahem) that needs addressing around here. My son nearly fell on me with joy when I got home. He had not one pair of clean underwear left and had to buy lunch out all week....poor thing nearly starved to death, HAHAHAhahaha, even I can't keep a straight face for that one.

Back tomorrow with more pics and news. Hope everyone is doing well.


Gerrie said...

I've been missing you. I was in need of your hugs and virtual caring. Soooo happy that you and Roger had a great time away from it all.

Del said...

It looks sublime! Thanks for sharing your views of Maine - I will eagerly await more. Do be careful with your 200 pound head, it could really tip you over. Del

Libby said...

Looks like a great trip - we're hoping to get to Maine in the near future *s*

Rian said...

I have been to Bar Harbor and K'port. I loved it and would go wild to return. Looks sublime.