Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's ALIVE!!!

I'm just snowed under with work for the Food Pantry. We are so blessed that people have just donated an amazing amount of food and money this year. I have only managed to get some of the things that need doing around here done in between thank you letters and such. Every year I vow that we will come up with another method of doing this paperwork and before I know what's happening, it's December. I confess that I've thought of several ways to make it simpler but they seem so impersonal.
My sewing room still awaits completion(jan. for that) and my house has a pre-lit but empty tree standing around waiting for someone to take pity and decorate it.
I went out yesterday and tackled some of the shopping and then the grocery shopping. I'm having a bit of trouble with my right knee. Trying to ignore it but some days it won't let me. I'm sure that will be the next thing to break down on this aging carcass....grrrr.

I'm checking in to let you know about a blog friend that makes beautiful things for sale. I wish that I had been able to advertise for her sooner but I hadn't ordered anything before. Suzan(the reluctant quilter on my sidebar) is an amazing sewing genius. She makes the most beautiful handbags and totes. They are elegant and made of lovely, top quality, fabrics. The workmanship is so wonderful. I can't recommend her bags enough. When I got mine I was blown away by how pretty and how much she fussed over the fabric and details. Do yourself a favor and check out her pretty Hazelnut Hill blog for a video and buy yourself something deserve it! I'm going back after the holidays for more for myself. Alas, the one I ordered is a gift(one I'm having a hard time wrapping up and giving away) so I can't show it here. Anyway go there and check it out when you can.

Finally, before I go back to the letter writing...sigh...I wish you all the blessings of Christmas- the joy of Hanukkah , and a Happy Festivus for those of us who, like George, are completely annoyed by it all. Seriously, peace and good health to all.

As a special Holiday gift Blogger is being a special pain in the ass...can't get anything to work right.


Suzan said...

Dee! Thank you so much for the "shout out"! I am so happy that you like the bag.

Gerrie said...

Hi my dear!! Nice that people are being so generous. Happy holidays to you. Miss your fun posts. Maybe in the new year we can get back to normal. LOL what is that anyway?

Rian said...

Get a support thingy for your knee (drugstore). It will help.

I love that whole Festivus concept. What a riot. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Stay warm.

Cindra said...

Saturday is our delivery day for our Advent Angels. We are amazed at this time in our economy the blessings that have helped us try and fill the huge needs this year. Good luck with your drive. Your hardwork is definitely appreciated.

Libby said...

This year, more than ever, it seems difficult to keep up with the season. I've given up on sending cards. I'm hoping to manage gift wrapping for the time to unwrap arrives *s*