Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This 'n That

Not much left in the harbor. It's that time when everything starts to look pretty but bare and spare. I kind of like bare and spare. That's when you see the real beauty of things I wish I could translate it to my personal life. I'm living in chaos.

I got a new dryer Saturday and when I called to have the town pick-up the old one they informed me that pick-ups have been suspended until November when they will hopefully be finished with the new sidewalks that are being installed on my street. It sure is a mess out there. I feel sorry for the neighbors across the street since that's where they are working. Those neighbors have a very steep driveway and a long stairway up to their house. Right now they have not had access to their driveway for at least two months, since that's when their driveway was torn apart in the construction. How on earth they get groceries up there I can't even imagine. I can imagine that they are very unhappy and can further imagine that the Village powers that be will have to do some major repair work on the foot+ hole that remains between the sidewalk and driveway....not nice. Anyway, the old dryer will have to live in the weeds behind the house until Nov. 23. Fortunately there is a sort of mini-forest behind my house and the neighbors don't have to look at a dead appliance for a month.

That's about all from me for today. Roger has a terrible cold and cough. He's hanging out at home today and I have to go to the Food Pantry to work for a couple of hours. Maybe I can round up some paint for the studio today or tomorrow. I need ceiling paint and wall paint. "It's very slow going-it's always something"..Roseanne Rosannadana.

Talk to you soon.


Rian said...

While you're at it, get some paint for your dryer and paint it to blend in with the landscaping. Hope your chaos quiets down soon.

Janet said...

Your poor neighbors! Will that happen to you on your side of the street? Seems pretty drastic.

Hope you had a good day and found your paint.