Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's been like living in crazytown around here. The weather is whatever it decides to be on any given day. Fall, late fall, winter, early spring...whatever. I'm certainly not looking forward to the snow season but maybe we could have the same sort of temps for a couple of days running. Just a small voice out here in the wilderness asking...pretty please. I love the 65 degrees but not when it's 35 the next few days.
As you can see by the photos we have had that swamp creating thing called a Nor'easter in my neck of the woods...or beach as is more appropriate for me. Here are some pics of the day that my photography staff(Hi Honey!) took on Saturday morning. We've had much worse than this so I would rate it as a semi-nor'easter...har matey.
The pics are clickable.
The pictures by the harbor look normal but believe me, that's not normal. On Friday, when I was in the village the water was over the bulkhead and into the parking lot. Rarely is there a time when you can step out of your rowboat(should you have one) onto the dock.

The picture of the flag in the park is another good indication since that bulkhead of rocks is normally a long way down-even at higher tides.

I really love what Roger did with this photo of the salt marsh which is normally not under water. There is a small inlet/creek which feeds this marsh and usually it is full of birds and rushes and you can tramp around on it. Not so much today.

Well the only other interesting activity around here is a really good one. Yesterday we painted the ceiling in my sewing room. We were unsure if the one coat would cover well but it did a nice job. Now on to the walls on Monday. To celebrate, we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant last night. James had a Margarita and I should have but was so tired that I figured I'd be useless if I drank so I just had another fabulous meal. BIL Bob had the paella, I had chicken chile rellenos, and Roger had some sort of enchilada dish with 3 varieties. Man, is that place good. A few years ago I got a cookbook based on the recipes of Frida Khalo. In it was the recipe for this chile dish. It had all sorts of thing stuffed into the chile including nuts and, to finish, was sprinkled with pomegranate seeds on the cheese topping. The only thing missing from my dish last night was the pom seeds. OMG it was so many kinds of wonderful. I could eat there every day. Thank goodness it's a little drive because other wise I would be sneaking over for lunch. People who think that places like taco bell are authentic Mexican are so deprived. It's very hard not to make yummy noises while you eat this delicious food. I love the people who work in this place as well. They are so lovely and they all look just like they stepped out of a Diego Rivera painting. Two thumbs up to Quetzalcoatl-or as the rest of the family call it Q

Well this Sunday is quickly drifting away from me. I am making meatballs and spag. for dinner and I better get going on that. Thanks for stopping by even though there's nothing sewing going on. I hope to remedy that in the very near future even if it's only to get out the machine and make a few things for the church fair on Dec. 5th. They are having a cookie walk wich I will contribute to. You pay $5 and they give you a bag and you go down the row of cookies and pick what you want. I also saw a really cute pattern for some tissue holders that in only 4 easy steps and I'm told that the little kids love buying them for Mom's for Christmas. Easy Peasy-that's the ticket. I think it's in the latest issue of Quilts & More. I also saw on Dorothy's blog where she made some crayon holder rolls that look very easy and with some nice bright fabric would be little kid friendly for bnot too much money. All things to consider....

Anyway, have a great Sunday!


Janet said...

I wondered if you were getting all that weather back there. My daughter is in Delaware right now and she said they've had a lot of rain.

I love a good Mexican restaurant and can just eat myself silly when I go! Yours sounds like a good one.

Gerrie said...

I love the salt marsh photo. Can I use it to make a quilt? The grasses in the water are fabulous.

Isn't your life always crazy?


Rian said...

I love that photo! The stitched one. Hey, did you know Paella is not Mexican? It's Spanish. Trust me on this.

Darcie said...

Love the pictures, Dee. Even though they're not nearly as calm and sunshiny as your blog header, I still love the eeriness and mystery of the stormy ones.

Jane Ann said...

Had a chuckle over "crazytown." Am so eager to hear more about your sewing room as it progresses. The ceiling's got to be the hardest part! Piece o' cake from here on out (yeah, right).

Libby said...

Holy cow - this weather is something in itself to get used to. Since being in the east, I've experienced more rain than a year or more in soCal *S* Then there's the temps. The variation from day to day can be stunning. I'm struggling to remember to check the weather report before going out . . . . rather than my tried and true method of looking out the window.