Sunday, May 04, 2008

Chickens and diamonds

Because I adore you all so much and want to make your day a happy one, I want you to click over to Deb's blog and check out the fun. Go on...I'll wait....Jeopardy music............. Oh your back! Isn't she the funniest? For that matter, chickens are just hilarious without doing a thing. I'm always amazed at the sense of humor exhibited by nature. You just know that whatever the plan was for chickens, someone had a fabulous sense of humor that day.

And now, for something completely different-Above you will see my little harlequin mini blocks. I was looking for something different to do the other day and a thought popped into my feeble brain. Why not elongate a square block into a diamond...Duh! I had some scraps from something else and just sewed up a bunch of blocks. Don't know what's to become of this-I was just playing around as usual. It needs something different for a border-I'll let it age a little and think about it tomorrow(Scarlett)

I'm going to do some never-ending laundry and ironing and then relax with a movie or book. Haven't decided yet.

Talk to you later.


Terry said...

You are right. Chickens are hilarious. My brother used to hypnotize my grandparents chickens and line them up on the fence. Goofiest darn things you've ever seen! I want some chickens at my new house. We are unincorporated and can have chickens!

Darcie said...

Chickens are a bunch of fun to have and to watch. I was just telling DH that we should get some again. (Eyes rolled upon my suggestion.)

LOVE the harlequin blocks! Very cool idea. Good luck with the border decision...I'll be watching. ;-)

Grazia said... always have original ideas....these blocks look so cute!!!

Libby said...

Those diamonds are a great idea . . . wouldn't a border be fun?

The Carolina Quilter said...

Hey, my long-lost pal, Dee! remember me? I have been quilting and doing my miniatures (I'm working on a garden shed to enter the Hobby Builders Supply contest in my 'spare time', i.e. when I should be cleaning house, cooking and all those other things responsible, mature, loving mothers do). Please hop over and see the quilt I made (in one frantic week) of my church if you have time.

On chickens, we had some before I started working full-time plus a day at the quilt shop and we were just relieved they were not 8 feet tall. We watched two of them play tug of war with a baby copperhead one day to the extent that one tried to gobble it down and the other actually stuck her beak in the other's and pulled it back out. I have seen them slowly converge on the two grown cats to eat their food and the cats just back up and let them have at it. Truly, if chickens were just our size, we'd all be hiding behind locked doors. And they are hilarious. Our rooster, Malcolm, used to do this gutteral wheezing warning sound and all of the chickens would suddenly stop and freeze in place until the supposed danger had passed and he started picking around for bugs once again apparently convinced mnonsters were not on the loose after his flock. But you also have to put wire, chains, lumber or something around every small tree and shrub you own. They will dig around down to the roots.

Niki said...

Very pretty. And unique! Looks like a fall quilt to me, with those colors. Beautiful!

Gerrie said...

As someone who grew up with chickens, I only like to eat them now and only after someone else has done the dirty deed. I earned college money raising capons and pheasants. I also spent my after school hours gathering and grading eggs for my dad. these were sold to some co-op or something. Anyway, I also had several run-ins with wild and nasty roosters on the farm. And I do know the meaning behind the saying running around like a chicken with its head cut off. OK< that is enough about chickens.

I just wanted to say that I am having a hard time keeping up with all our little quilts - I am amazed at these little beauties that you keep showing us. Back to getting ready for the trip.

Tanya said...

Pretty diamond blocks! The colors are lovely!