Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday catch-up

I put these two small things together and they now await borders and any interesting finishes I can come up with. Mostly I can't believe it's Friday again. What's up with that? I'd say time flies when you're having fun but I haven't been feeling well the past few days and have kind of pushed myself to do anything. Some days I feel like I could tackle anything and then I get a couple of days like the last few. Blah!

I am in the process of finding some things to wear for a trip coming up in the not too distant future. We will be in a place where it's way too hot for me. One of my dirty little secrets is that when people complain about the rain and cool I may outwardly sympathize but inside I'm cheering. Don't like heat and I can't sit in the sun at all so it holds no interest for me. When I was a young girl I would bake on the beach for hours and turn golden brown. No more for me. The medicine I take makes me burn almost instantly. Not just burn, but big watery blisters...ugh! The house we are renting has a pool and the relatives all live in Florida so no doubt they will revel in the pool and the sunny days. Roger enjoys the sun so he will enjoy. My idea of sitting in the sun would be more like being covered from legs to head with stuff. So anyway, I'm trying to find some stuff to wear that won't look too stupid on me. Not an easy task. While I'm not a moose, neither am I a delicate little person. I cannot tell you how stupid I look in Capri or cropped pants. My legs are short and I look like a cartoon character who has high water pants. Really dumb. Not going there. I have linen pants in multiple colors which will have to do. They are, in fact, my fav pants and I have two new pair from last year I haven't even hemmed yet. I need some light tees and cool tops. Also on the list is a robe and some new jammies. I will head out next week and see what I can find. Land's End is my fall-back option. I got some great tees recently from them. We'll see what comes up. I need to consider what to take for handwork and will probably take some redwork in an effort to look busy and not make eye contact.

My initial response to this adventure was not positive for several reasons I can't go into here. Family drama-nuff said. My husband has suggested to me that I view it as theatre, which is what I usually say to him when faced with this type of thing. So, I will now view it with theatre in mind. I plan to take the camera, of course, so I can give you all a glimpse of crazy when we get back. Anyway, all of this isn't happening for a good while so I'll keep you posted. Looking for clothes is about as painful for me as surgery. I hate it with a passion. Clothes today are made for tiny little women with tiny little tushies and cute, perky boobs. W

Well I'm off to the mighty Viking to do some sewing after I give the place a once over with the Super Sucker. The dust has become dramatic. Talk to you soon.


Janet said...

We MUST be related!! I don't like the heat, and I don't enjoy being burnt to a crisp by the it's so bad for making wrinkles! And shopping is like going to the dentist for me. Why do all the clothing mfgrs think everyone is a teeny bopper and looks cute in next to nothing!? My biggest complaint about clothes is horizontal stripes, big patch pockets right over the boobs and those little cap sleeves on tee shirts. Sheesh!!!

Kay said...

I so agree with you about shopping and hot places. Sitting around the pool in the sun would not be my idea of fun. Be sure to include a big hat and sunglasses. Helps with the avoiding eye contact part too.

I really like those two "little things"!

Zazzu said...

I LOVE the heat...HATE the cold. But, I'm very fair-skinned (and Mom had melanoma), so no sunbathing for me. Anything below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for me. 110 in the shade is okay, though.

You're right about Capri pants. They don't look good on anyone regardless of size, shape or age. I can't understand why they've ever been popular. Maybe the designers just want to sell pants for the same price using less fabric?

Those quilt tops you're working on are beautiful. I love red and pink fabric but always figured they couldn't be mixed. Yours look wonderful together. I'll have to give it a try. :)

Vivian Love said...

Love the quilt tops! Super cute. And I agree about the clothes today. I find a pair of pants that fit and buy 10 pairs so I don't have to go through the hastle of trying on any more! Not my favorite thing to for clothes! Try Chicos, too!

Del said...

It is sad that we can't be in the sun any longer. Like you, I used to be a great sun lover - no more.
I like Land's End long sleeved tees #28156-94D1 and there are some lovely colors - not in XL, of course. I have to run elastic around the neck or I get too exposed.

Terry said...

I'm another one who doesn't like heat. I actually break out in hives if I'm in the sun for very long, so even if it's cool I don't do sunbathing. I do like capris, though--cooler than long pants, not as laughable as shorts. When Ray was working in the Virgin Islands I spent most of my time there in the condo with the curtains closed and the AC turned up to max. I read and drank iced tea. Things were better when the sun went down, especially if an ocean breeze and a cold rum drink were involved. Not my idea of a fun vacation on the whole, however.

Rian said...

I don't like heat, I have killed my skin with years at the beach and now I just turn red, I have short legs (but wear capris anyway because shorts arenot an opion), I know all too well about family drama.

Let me know what you find at Lands End. I am coming to the east in June and need some new summery threads.

Mary said...

I like these little quilts. Once I get settled again, I'd like to make another small one myself.

We were just talking today about the weather - Keith is over the heat too (we lived in FL for many years and he grew up there) it's still fairly cool here in Minneapolis for May but it's nice.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Sista. I always hated sunning and today I'm rewarded by frequent compliments on my unlined skin. My daughters, fortunately, have followed my advice and will have lovely skin for many years to come.

I love cropped pants (but I'm taller than you) because they're the perfect alternative to shorts, no longer an option. I love dresses for staying cool. I'm talkin' gauzy and loose-fitting, mid-calf to ankle length. Great coverage, no sticking to me, breezy and comfy--preferably with a little jacket or shirt to cover up the ham hocks. (Oh, that's our family word for upper arms.) What about a couple of beachy dresses?

As I recently told DD#1, ALL families are crazy; it's just a question of form and degree. Thank God you have a sense of humor....if you can find it when you need it most.