Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random weekend thoughts

I hate to keep showing the same boring thing but the madder and red colored blocks are what I'm up to right now. I need to find a large space to lay out the Lavender Passion blocks for sewing and I just can't find one that I can leave things laid out for a couple of days. The hearts above are one of the first things I made and they are...da, da, dah...applique. That was probably 15-16 years ago. There was this company that you could buy pre-cut squares of multiple fabrics by a company. It was kind of a crap-shoot in terms of getting what you wanted but back then there were no Packets of 5 inch squares in one line. The end result was that I got some nice pieces to use in mini paper pieced blocks and I still have the many ugly squares that I never used still hanging around. At that time I was discovering what I liked best to do and hadn't tried applique. My eyes were a lot clearer than now so I think I did a pretty good job. Always keeping in the back of my mind my grandmother shaking her finger at me for poorly done stitching. I made the applique hearts by ironing them onto freezer paper(ouch-nothing like steaming ones fingers a bunch) and the other method I used was to sew them to used dryer sheets-slit the back and turn them them applique them down. Lots of prep work. The quilt I donated to Quilts of Valor was all done this way. I sewed those blocks while my friend's husband was in intensive care and I watched her kids. This one was made with left over blocks and is only wall hanging size.
I'm making the stars for a birthday gift for a friend. First I put together 4 blocks and then I thought better of it and am now enlarging it to nine blocks. I should say I'm thinking of enlarging it. Why is it that I don't think a sweet little 4-block mini is enough. This is how I get in trouble and bogged down.
On a pleasant note, I received a very nice comment from a lady whose name is un-clear to me but I think she is a patron of the Library and knows my best buddy Terry, who works there. I hope she knows how very nice it is to have someone say such kind things. Many thanks to her and, in fact to everyone who is kind enough to leave a comment. You all make my day much brighter. I can't get over how cool it is to get comments from all over the country and, even such far away places as Japan and Italy. What a hoot! I always think of what I would do if I won the lottery- I'd try to visit everyone, everywhere. Don't panic people...I haven't bought a lottery ticket for years so you're all safe....for now that is.
My husband made the most delicious BBQ ribs last night for dinner and I think my BIL Bob is getting take-out for tonight so I'm free of cooking for today. This may be as good as it gets!


Cindra said...

I love the heart quilt! It is such a happy quilt.

I hate the verification. This is the third time... I keep flunking the character read. 4th time. is so hard to read... 7th...

Rian said...

Oh, the hearts quilt is lovely! I am extremely envious of you...having a husband who can cook. Mine's hopeless. I cook dinner practically 365 days a year. Lessee...we've been married 24 years, so that makes 8,000 or so dinners I've made. Bleh.

Libby said...

Blogging just opens up a whole world of friends . . . I always wanted an international penpal when I was young. I'm glad I finally found a way *s*

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Dorothy said...

Tag! You're it! (check my blog for the sordid details)

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