Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friends..near & far.

Thanks for the nice things you had to say to me. My mantra for the near future is, I will not wallow, I will not wallow, I will not wallow. That takes the place of a recent promise not to snicker about the Bushtit- made to my friend Terry Grant who is much more mature than I am. See her blog for explanations. Sometimes I really need to be followed around by an old, very large, Nun with an equally large ruler.
I love cartoons, both drawn and on T.V. I am blessed with a son who grew up with cartoons and was given the gift of the ability to mimic voices. My son does a perfect Cartman and although now that his voice has changed and it is harder for him, he would still sing "Sail Away" if I begged him. That still makes me fall down screaming. I thought this cartoon was very amusing.
Anyway, my sweet friend Dorothy in Vermont tagged me for 7 weird things and I think I've done that a couple of times. Of course I could do it several more times an not run out of things to list but just how strange does one want to reveal themselves to be in print?
So instead I am going to deviate from the norm(what else is new) and list 7 things that I am grateful for. I will leave out the customary things that we all adore like husbands and children and even BILs named Bob. This is strictly a list of things that make me happy to be alive.
1. Lemon blueberry Cake from the Copenhagen Bakery.(what? you didn't think food would be last did you?).
2. Music. There is almost nothing that moves me and defines my mood like music. My taste is very eclectic. It runs from Mozart to Pink Floyd and Jamiroqui to Charlie Parker.
3. Time. Even though I often waste it shamefully I am keenly aware of how fortunate I am to be able to have time to do nearly anything.
4.Goldfinches. Several years ago I discovered Goldfinches. My husband is probably sorry that I did since his sole purpose in life is to work to support the Goldfinch population of out Village-all of whom live outside in my yard eating us out of house, home and retirement savings.
5. I am grateful for every day that I am well enough not to have to deal with doctors. They scare the crap out of me. That God- syndrome thing is horrible to deal with. It has become blood-pressure-spike-inducing to deal with medicine men.
6. I am grateful for reaching this age and finding so many women to share the experience with. There is something wonderful about the company of women. Especially at this age. We are mostly over the angst of hormones stuff and younger women's issues so we can just compare notes and laugh about stuff. Watching young mothers is especially fun.A lot of their percieved problems are so amusing, they just don't know it yet.
7. on/off buttons-so I can turn off people like Rev. Wright-he serves no purpose except to insight anger and hatred. The on button can be used for good like this morning when I turned on the radio and discovered that The trouble-making gasbag Al Sharpton-while inside causeing a public nuisance and trying to drum up a race riot-had his Jaguar towed to an impound lot. The only thing that would have given me more pleasure would have been if they ran over Rev. Wright on the way. Someone explain to me why these hate-filled idiots always hide themselves behind the mantel of the church?
Anyone can play-consider yourself tagged and don't write me any snarky comments about my political opinions. I never do that kind of thing on here but those two are just begging for it. A public flogging would be too good for them.
Well, if you're still with me, I hope your day is a sweet one.


CONNIE W said...

Oh I do believe we are related, after reading this list.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dee. Once again you prove we're kindred spirits. I have so little patience for people who can't figure out how fortunate they are, and I'm grateful for most every one of the things you appreciate. Except the doctor part--they don't intimidate me one iota! Thanks for the V-8 smack just to remind us all.

PS What the heck's wrong with your politics???

Gerrie said...

Well, listen everyone, Dee named me her doppelganger long before you all came on the scene!!

I love # 6 and so agree. I think friends are more important to me now and I have way more because of the blogosphere.

I would like to try the lemon blueberry cake when I come to visit you. Oh, you didn't know that I am coming? Hee!

Janet said...

Not only am I still with you, I think we must be sisters!! I could have written this very list and most of the things would have been the same or similar. Number 6 is soooo true. I love being my age and knowing that I don't have to go through all that other stuff anymore. I just have to enjoy life. Save me a slice of that cake....it sounds delicious.

Terry said...

Oh, I love your list and it inspires me to think of the things that I am grateful for. One is "knowing" you.

PS - you said "bushtit" teee!