Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mmmmNaan & random thoughts about 60

Still working on the stars I showed yesterday so not much else to show that's quilty.
I found this old photo of our Main St. from the early 1900s. It's a bit narrower now and the trolley doesn't run anymore but that left side looks a lot like the picture. The trolley lines are still there. They think it gives the village a quaint look. They're right.
I'm probably the last one to the party about Naan but I recently made some pizza on it and it's really good. I blatantly lifted the pic from on-line images I found so...sorry, All things Naan. It comes in flavors like garlic and whole wheat as well but for me, I like mine straight. Load it up with anything you would put on pizza dough and in to the oven for 10 minutes at 400 or so. Check on the time-I'm not positive. It's very delicious and the naan is about personal pizza size, two in a bag so perfect for us.
Regarding yesterdays entry about the blueberry bush/tree or whatever it decides to be. My husband made me laugh by telling me that at first he was going to document it's re-birth from first green shoot to leaf to flower to bee on flower to the single blueberry being plucked and eaten by either squirrel or bird at perfect ripeness. It's a heartbreaking saga and would undoubtedly play out exactly that way around here. The wildlife rules the yard. It would only have made him sad, what with Roger being the real blueberry lover around here. The way I am about apple trees(well, fruit trees in general)he is about blueberries.
Last night I finished reading the last chapter in a book by Nora Ephron called "I Feel Bad About My Neck". I've been a sort of Ephron fan for a long time. Ever since she wrote "Heartburn", the story of her crumbling marriage to Carl Bernstein many years ago. She has since made a really good life for herself and is the writer of such movies as "Sleepless in Seattle", "Michael", "Silkwood", "When Harry Met Sally" and she wrote the screenplay for the movie of her own book, "Heartburn". I really liked that movie and the book and it confirmed what many had said for years about Carl Bernstein-he was a dog...a dirty low-down dog. Who better to play him than Jack Nicholson. Anyhoo...the last chapter in this small book is a short memo about turning 60. For heaven sake don't buy the book-it's $13. and really not worth it except for that last piece. Since I was born in 1948(gaaaad)I will be 60 all too soon. Some of what she says regarding 60 is in-your-face and makes you think too much but there is a part about denial which fits me to a T. 60...who me???? Another part I liked was , even though it's stating the obvious, that this is the time in our lives when we shouldn't worry about pisant stuff. Like in her case, the cost of a special bottle of bath oil. She asks us, do you really think it will be in our last thoughts on earth how much we spent on that bath oil? Well, that kind of where I'm coming from lately. I am blessed to be able to have the life I do. My husband reminds me all the time that I should be good to myself. Go Ahead and get it. That's his mantra a lot of the times. What am I waiting for? The Golden Years? Hello! They're here now. These moments are golden-right now. That's kind of what has possessed me lately to use the fabric I have stashed in The Closet Of Shame. I had so many fat quarter packs that I was saving for who knows what and guess who has only one quilt hanging on her wall in the whole house????? memememe. Dumb, really dumb. Who knows what will happen in the years to come. Use it up and find some more if it gives you pleasure. (Note, if you could see Roger now he's probably wiping his head with a handkerchief and clutching his heart and wallet)
I must stop sounding like the crabby old broad who will hit you with her cane if you annoy her. I'm really a happy person most of the time. Maybe I should look for a cane now just for fun though. I think we have some from my MIL Dot around somewhere. I can think of some people who could use a good whacking and since I would only be carrying it for effect and due to my daily treadmill work-outs, I could probably run pretty fast now. That sounds like a real pick-me-up. Whacking! yes sir, that's the ticket.
Look out behind you and for Pete sake keep it moving!


Quilting Journey said...

Love your new header! Love your window box, salivating over your 'naan pizza' but when I read that it's too warm on Long Island...I have to draw the line. We had last minute snow two days I know who took my sunshine...and those are probably my flowers! AND I definitely claim the pizza!!! :)

Kay said...

A husband who tells you to be good to yourself--in my next life I want one of those! Seriously, I'm with you about enjoying yourself; I'm past the ugly number you're approaching, and believe me, every good day is a blessing. Cane whacking sounds like fun though. Can I come along?

Zazzu said...

Great post! Life is truly short and it goes by so danged fast. Live it up now.

I'm determined to use up my fabric, too, since I won't be taking a single fat quarter with me when I die.

I want to focus on creating great memories. That's all we get to take with us when we go, right?

All that said...I could still hit some folks with my cane on a bad day. :)

Cindra said...

I loved the title of Nora's book because it reminded me of a story my sil told me about her little grandaughter. She told her "Gwammy yor neck scawes me." And she asked her what she meant. Her older sister (aged 7) said, "I think she means all those lines and stuff."
We laugh all the time about that.

Hey, girl! Be good to yourself! You deserve it!!! Your husband is right!!!

Gerrie said...

It is my turn to be the crabby old lady, after all I am the older one. You know that I agree with your husband = keep on being good to yourself!!

Liz said...

Having just reached that magic age myself I can relate to your thinking. Saving up for the Golden Years caught my attention. Time to really dig into that stash and make THINGS! How about a quilted cover for your whacking cane?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee -

I have been wanting to tell you for a while how much I enjoy reading your blog. I especially admire your incredible ease with words and the flowing quality of your expression. Your gift for writing draws the reader (me) in to what you have to say, pulling the me into the time and the place - and humor bubbles through it all. Your blog is a delight.
Btw, although I love the pansies in the new header, it was the previous photo that made me realize that we live in the same town. Reading your take on everyday life here has been a pleasure.

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