Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stuff is too polite a word.

I 'm fully aware that crap falls on everyone and life gets in the way of things but I can't help thinking that I must have done something really bad in a previous incarnation for all this stuff that is happening to the people I love. I realize that we don't have fatal diseases and life can surely always get worse but could we just get from here to Saturday without another load falling on us? A hurricane...REALLY??? A fricken hurricane. How about a plague of locust?

The good-
Roger seems to be improving. There's so much complicated stuff surrounding that I won't even try to explain. Suffice to say they let him have jello and chicken soup today. Possibly real food for dinner. BIL Bob is over there now so he will report in later. I was over this morning and they got him up for a very brief sit up in a chair. He's very weak but so far the news is getting better.

It's not much but it made me feel human-got my hair done.

The bad-
Roger won't be at the wedding or the dinner. There are certain medical procedures being done that preclude getting out of there that soon. Kidneys and infection stuff-nuf said.

I got stuck in a small elevator with a very pregnant young woman this morning while I was over there. We had a pleasant conversation and tried to be patient. Half hour later we said goodbye to each other and I wished her good health for her and the baby. I had flashes of me trying to deliver a baby in a small elevator and something ran through my mind that sounded like "don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies" Mercifully the engineer opened the door about that time so my sanity returned...if only for a brief moment.

Everyone I spoke to today asked me what I thought about Earl?? You know, Earl, the fricken hurricane. Go Away Earl!!!

I am on my knees praying. I just need Friday night at 7 and Saturday at 4:30- that's all

It's a really good thing I don't drink. Maybe I should start?


Terry said...

Oh %#*&^. This really is just too much. I am willing the hurricane away, but the saddest part of your post is that Roger is missing the wedding. So unfair and crummy. I am so sorry. I hope your family can do something really, really, REALLY special once he is on his feet again. The wedding is a beginning, so let's just all hope for many happy days ahead for all of you.

So, so sorry.

Suzan said...

You are a better woman than I. If I were in your shoes I would be drinking like a fish!

Gerrie said...

Oh my God!! I forgot about the wedding this coming week-end and the hurricane coming. You know how they over hype these things. It is going to come up to NC and then head NE and out into the ocean.

The morning of my daughter's wedding in NC, in September, we had a storm come in off the ocean. It was pouring buckets. The reception was in a tent in our backyard. It was a mess. The Rector wanted to change the wedding to the church instead of in the chapel on the ocean which was surrounded by mud. Well, I could go on and on. We slogged through the mud. The rain stopped for the reception. It was beautiful and they are still happily married. This will happen for you, too. Please don't stress over something you have no control over. Just smile and make the best of it. Roger and those kids need you to be calm as the storm rages around you.

Sending big hugs and lots of love for a beautiful day.

Janet said...

Try to stay calm. Roger's health and the wedding are more important than any ol' hurricane. And the hype is usually much more than the storm.

You had me chuckling over that line from GWTW!

Now put down that bottle and move away from the liquor cabinet!! :-)

Debra said...

Be careful what you say--the locust could come in after the hurricane.

Hopefully, the wedding is being taped.

Del said...

If all of our good wishes and blessings count, things will improve! I'm glad Roger is at least having Jello and chicken soup - the chicken soup alone could be the cure!

You might try the stairs so that you will surely be able to make the wedding. Getting stuck in an elevator with a most pregnant lady sounds like a sitcom episode.

Cindra said...

I am praying that all the drama is going on now and that this weekend will bring you good times, great memories and smooth sailing.

The Calico Cat said...

If you start drinking, you will probably be like me & fall asleep shortly thereafter... Which is a greast excuse for not getting "stuff" done.

I'm with ya on Earl... (& I am ready for another snow day!)

j from n said...

Maybe some driz on Friday, but Saturday is predicted to be a glorious day in these parts.

I'm praying for you all and for Roger's quick recovery.

Rian said...

Enough STUFF already! You've had your share. Go away Hurricane, go away! I feel sorry for your troubles. I feel bad for the bride and groom too, having a hurricane ruin their wedding. Here's hoping Roger continues to improve and I'll have a few drinks for you. It's the least I could do.

Kay said...

Good luck, Dee. At least you didn't have to deliver the baby.

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tami said...

I'm thinking Earl was kind to you since he was up here in Maine raining on us last night. Nowhere near as bad as they were hyping it. I hope the wedding went well and I am so sorry Roger is missing it.
I am in the midst of one of those "bad spells" as well. I will be thinking of you and trying like crazy to send happy thoughts your way.

Cathy said...

Are you and Roger ok?