Friday, August 27, 2010

More stuff...sigh

Roger is back in the ICU.
This time it's nearby and very professional with his own team of Drs.
He's got an infection in his system most likely from the Pik line that was removed last Sunday when we broke him out of the hospital from hell. His blood oxygen was low and blood pressure was jumping around too much. I can't tell you the difference in the two hospitals. They were on him and medicating him within 45 min. A whole team of Drs. and very professional nurses. Had him out of the ER and into the ICU within a couple of hours. Answers to questions were immediately answered clearly and he had a bunch of tests immediately. I slept soundly for the first time in weeks last night just knowing he was over in Huntington-5 miles from me.

Other than feeling sort of weak and looking pale, Roger said he felt alright. The cardiologist wants him to be on an IV diuretic to get rid of that amazing amount of fluid in his legs and his right arm. He told me that he would most likely lose about 20 lbs of fluid in the next days.
Before this happened yesterday, he was getting around with the walker well and sometimes without it. Once we conquer the swelling problem, he will be a lot better just from not having that excess weight to drag around. Other issues will improve because of that as well.

I'm trying to remain positive. It's not likely that Roger will go to the wedding dinner but since the chapel is only a mile or so away we are trying for the actual wedding ceremony.

Talk to you soon.


Libby said...

Keeping you both in my thoughts. It's good to hear that Roger is receiving such good care which in turn makes life so much easier for you. Take care *hugs*

Suzan said...

Good grief! Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. What an ordeal this has been. Thank goodness Roger is in a hospital closer to home AND in which you have more confidence!

Gerrie said...

Those piks are a God send and a bacteria breeding ground. My BIL who has leukemia and has a pik for chemo is constantly getting infections. Of course his immune system is nil.

My heart just sank when I saw your post this morning. I do hope that all goes well and he will be home again, soon, and healthy.

XXOO Hangeth in.

Cindra said...

The timing is so sad, but he will get well so he can enjoy the results! I am glad for you that he is closer. Breathe deep and get plenty of rest. Your family is in my prayers.

J from N said...

Thinking of you, Dee. At least now Roger is nearby and in a v.g. hospital.
I was not kidding about lending a hand. Terry knows where to find me.

Terry said...

Rats! I am so sorry to hear this, but glad he is in such good hands. Keeping a good thought. Hope he is better soon.

Cathy said...

Remember to breathe. Trust is healing, it sounds as if he is in good hands.
Thinking of you.

Janet said...

I'm so sorry to hear Roger is back in the hospital but at least it sounds like this one is taking good care of him. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.

Debra said...

Let's hope Roger feels well enough for the wedding. No one will want him to miss that special day.

AnnieO said...

Modern medicine only works if professionals are applying it--glad to know Roger is in a better facility. Fingers crossed that he gets to go to the ceremony. So awful that this medical trauma and stress is hitting everybody at once. Take care!

Barbara C said...

I hope this hospital puts Roger on the path toward a speedy recovery. Hugs to you both.

Kay said...

Dee, I hadn't checked in for a while, and didn't know any of this. So sorry for all the grief you're going through. My very best thoughts for Roger's quick recovery.