Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'll be brief & thankful

Roger is home. We broke him out on Sunday
Many health & home & wedding(Sept 4th) issues to deal with. BIL arranged for some construction to happen(grrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr rrrr) the week before the wedding-Valium anyone???
Sleeping is not an option. Intravenous caffeine for me
You know those photos you see of the damage after the tornado/hurricane whatever?? My house looks a lot like that.
Holding it together-but barely. I know things could always be worse.
Bless you for your prayers.
More later


Libby said...

Having Roger home is great news . . . . the rest can just be ignored if need be. Remember to take care of yourself.

Gerrie said...

So happy to hear this. You may remember that Mr C and I were married on Labor Day week=end 46 years ago. I wish for Dannie and James to have a rock solid marriage like ours.

Take good care of Roger and yourself!!

Debra said...

You have your hands full --good thing you have big hands! Good to hear Roger is home.

Cathy said...

Woohoo! Just remember to breathe. I always tell my dear friends and families of my patients in crisis, one step at a time, one hour, one day...and jut remember to focus on breathing!

Judy from N said...

Was away and computerless and missed the crises.
So happy to hear that Roger is feeling well enough to be home.
I think that construction the week b4 the wedding is payback for the bat.
If I am the Judy you meant, or even if I am not, I would have driven you to Riverhead...