Wednesday, September 13, 2006

crazy in Northport

I don't know about the rest of the world but fall seems to bring with it an urgency and even a sort of panic. Holidays around the corner...vacation in semester begins...I should be doing something productive every minute of the day until I fall over into my plate of spaghetti...whew. The thing is though that when this happens, instead of getting on the stick as it were-I seem to go into reverse. Maybe it's all overwhelming (maybe?)or I'm not good at picking one thing and sticking to it(yeah, that too) anyway I find myself wanting to sit down in front of the tube and nap instead of doing the seemingly limitless chores and possibilities that surround me. It's a toss up but the nap is looking really good. Crisp fall air, hot cuppa, new programming possibilities, no one here to look at me with a wrinkled forhead......zzzzz huh...where was I...Oh yeah-fabric fondling, I forgot fabric fondling and that is a clear priority. It's so lonely in that closet(heh) Besides, I have to reast up for my vacation-next week-in Maine. Lobstermmmmm

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