Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Big fun with the family

Merry Christmas to you all. We had the best time. A mix of fun, really good food and friends and of course loot to boot. These are some of things I got from Santa. The JoAnns cards are from my very generous and funny BIL Bob. He couldn't find any large denomination cards so he just grabbed a handful. I got Borders cards from Roger and books I wanted. There is a biography of Chas Addams, of Addams Family fame, missing from the pic since I already took that up to bed last night-very interesting. He had a very unusual life. I love me a good biography. I also got the Quilt National Book for this year which has some very unusual quilts in it by award winners. I had written these titles down wanting to go and ask my friend at the Library to get them for me from interloans. I guess Roger saw the list and smart fella that I married-he got them for me! How cool is that ? Especially since that list was laying around forever on some corner of the desk and if you could see the chaos on the desk you would be amazed too! The other gift missing from the pic is from my son. It's two DVD sets. One of Animaniacs and the other is Pinky & The Brain. I can't wait to open them and watch. When James was a little boy we watched them together and I would plotz at the dialog and music. They occasionally show them on the carton network and we still get giggles. We used to sing all the songs together(well O.K.....maybe I sang them alone) and burst out laughing. We still watch cartoons. (I know-sad...overgrown child here)
On Christmas Eve we went to our friends, Joe & Jeri's house for a buffet dinner. Our son James came along after he was finished with work. We're still groaning from too much food and a bit of drink. The table was full for hours and then... came dessert. Oink! Life is good but somewhat larger.
The weather here is very warm and that would be alright if it weren't for the fact that we are all melting in our winter clothes. Also, we know what's coming and it makes it that much harder to go from very warm to verrrrry cold!
I hope you all had a great celebration. Tomorrow I'll get more pics together of Christmas.


Debra Spincic said...

Looks like a quilter's Christmas!

Rian said...

Oh Dee, what a wonderful booty! Look at that fabric! Now you've got me curious about Chas Addams and I'll have to go look him up. I like animation too, my favorite is Wallace and Grommit.

Janet said...

Sounds as if you did really good with the loot! And the food! Now we can all start our diets!! :-)

I will have to check into that biography of Chas Addams. Just never thought about it before but I love a good biography, too.

Jane Ann said...

Aren't you lucky to have such generous and thoughtful elves at your house?? What fun you're going to have spending that loot! (I love me a good biography too. This is the first year I've EVER not received a single book. Seems very strange.)