Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Giving thanks

I had so much trouble with blogger yesterday that I never really got it together. Try, try, again. I have read what a few women have written on their blogs about the season and all that comes along with it-the pace, the over-hype, the seasonal frenzy, and so on. It would be really good this time of year to be removed a bit from all that and just appreciate what we have. It's very hard to keep the focus but all we have is right now with a prayer for more tomorrows. This morning I was in full panic mode and very grumpy. Most of this was brought on by my own personal lack of focus and excuses for not having done things in a timely manner when I had the opportunity. Back in September-everything seems possible. So we say to ourselves-I can do that, and that, and that and so on. I remain ever the Gemini psycho personality. I work really well with my back against the wall. Well, for me that is. Not so much for my family, who really deserve this Oscar.....Oh! where was I? I'm married to the most thoughtful and kind man who has ever lived and together we raised a great kid. We all have a wicked sense of humor and so why is it that I put myself into this panic and completely loose that sense of humor when simply delegating and organizing a bit would make life easier for everyone? Possible New Years resolution here?

Anyway, my January is starting to look a little more ick than Jan usually looks. We have a trip the third week to celebrate the 90th birthday of our Aunt in N.C. not far from Charlotte. To drive or to fly, nothing to wear, dealing with my least favorite family members socially. All things to look forward to(not). We go because the delightful Uncle has asked us to and there is nothing we wouldn't do for him-even face some of my least fav people. I keep thinking it's only two days-then I remember what one day is like with a couple of these relatives and I feel the need for Valium or large quantities of liquor. Good thing I don't like drugs and I can't drink more than a couple of glasses of wine. Hey! Maybe that's the ticket...Drink wine going-drink while there(a lot) and someone can tell me how it went when we get home!

On a much brighter note, I want to thank you lovely ladies who comment and say such nice things. It really does make my day. I wish you all Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Kwanza or Druids Day etc. Don't want to leave anyone out and the way Blogger has been working(or not working) I may not get the chance to wish blessings upon anyone before the 25th. How fortunate are we to have each other to bounce ideas off of, give value to our creations, and generally be hear to listen to each other. What a gift!
Not sure why this came out so blurry-I'll blame it on Blogger-everything else is their fault...Click for a close up if you want it's an old one from 10 years ago or so.


Debra Spincic said...

Grit your teeth, smile alot and then go home!

sophie said...

I love your jingle bell wreath and the wallhanging.

Who knows? Maybe your delightful uncle invited you to make the party more bearable for him? My suggestion is that you keep your appearance at the party brief, but plan to take your uncle out for a lunch or dinner while you're in town.

Rian said...

You're right, Dee, all we really have is this moment right here. So live in the moment and let the rest go where it may.

As to your social engagement in January (I don't envy you, btw), my motto has always been, "Better living through chemistry." A little liquid social lubricant couldn't hurt.

Happy holidays, my friend.

dee said...

Thanks so much to each of you-Merry Christmas-it's a lot of fun to be a part of this group of talented and very helpful people.

Janet said...

I'm cutting way back on all the hoop-la this year. It was beginning to make me crazy. No one seems to mind, and in fact they seem happy about it!
As for the not-fav relatives a little wine can't hurt!!
I like the carolers quilt. Very colorful and fun.