Monday, January 08, 2007

Summer in Winter & two-fer Meme

It was 70 degrees here this weekend. A few more of these days and this guy will be back with his pals. Very strange!
Two-Fer Meme (courtesy of DebR)
Two names you go by:1.. Dee 2.DeeDee -my best friend still calls me this eventhough it started out as a joke when she introduced me to a librarian where she works as DeeDee-she's an exotic dancer. It became the joke that stuck.(I have large boobage for my 5'2" frame)
Two parts of your heritage:1.German-Mother's side2.Scotch, English, Cherokee-father.
Two things that scare you:1.. Snakes .2 Religious fundamentalists of any persuasion
Two everyday essentials:1.Tea 2. books magazines-reading stuff
Two things you are wearing right now:1.Jammy bottoms 2.old comfy sweatshirt-flip flops-I just got up
Two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):1Dixie Chicks 2.The new 4-disc Vince Gill Album. There's not a bad song on it and I'm normally not a big country western fan. One song on it, I think it's called "the reason why" ,is the best ballad I've heard in years and makes me want to slow dance-very romantic.
Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):I'm going to go with DebR on this plus I'd need to add respect to the list. It's hard to pick only 2 1.. Security2.. Independence
Two truths:1.. I'm often more comfortable with men than women-experience has taught me that men are more direct and straightforward. women have often hurt me more with backstabbing than any man has ever hurt me. 2.I'm a devoted friend-I expect the same in return and it is rare. I only have one friend to whom I would trust anything important-the rest are acquaintances. I think it's that way with many people.
Two favorite hobbies:1.reading 2.quilting
Two things you need to do this week:1.. Finish the 12x12x4 piece and post it for our trip
Two stores you shop at: 1. Borders Sentimental stitches-quilt shop
Two favorite sports- 1. I hate sports....really. I used to play tennis a thousand years ago. Problems with my back led to my sporting downfall. that and I hate sports.
Two shows you like to watch:1.Nip/Tuck 2. For years I've been a fan of the most ridiculous show and I'm admitting it here for the first public time-The Soup on the E-channel. It used to be Talk Soup with Greg Kinear years ago and was gone for a while but now it's back and always makes me laugh by taking clips from the worst crap on t.v. and adding humorous commentary and comments out of context. It's my guilty pleasure on weekends-after that I re-read War & Peace or Proust to make up for it.
Two things you’d buy if money were no object:1. A BMW for me. 2..A really nice 4-wheel drive truck for Roger. I have an Explorer4-wheel drive but he's not comfortable in it. It has a tight cab space. If money were no object we could afford the insurance on them too!
Two wishes for 2007:1. That my family remain well and without any major illnesses or injuries. 2. That it's a year without a bunch of funerals-last year there were too many.
Anyone who wants this just take it- I hate to tag people.
I'm still working on the challenge piece and hope to finish it today-I'm on the fence about it. It's O.K. I thought when I signed up for this quarterly thing that my first piece wouldn't be due till the end of March or so. I think I could have done better were there a bit more time. I sort of feel like I'm throwing it together just to get it done and I don't like that feeling. I realize it doesn't have to be a masterpiece but I have so much going on right now in my family life that I' not giving it my all. I wanted better for my first piece. Oh well...I'm never really happy with my work no matter what. Too critical. I need to work on that a lot this year. My motto will be "Better done than perfect"


Janet said...

Oh, you gave great answers on this one!! I'm doing it tomorrow. I used to have more guy friends than gal friends and felt more comfortable with the guys. But as I get older I find I like women more and more. I think some of the "competition" goes away with age. I have never seen or heard of The Soup but will have to see it now. It sounds like fun.
As for being critical of your own work, my hubby tells me I'm my worst critic.

Deb R said...

Is that photo a new one or something you took in the summer? We've been having a really warm winter here too, but our goldfinches have their drab winter color anyway - none of them are bright yellow like that right now around here.

I liked reading your meme answers!

dee said...

Deb- that's a pic from two summers ago. We had the golfinches winter over in our yard last winter and they did turn the duller greenish brown color.
Janet-I feel embarassed to have even mentioned The Soup but it is a secret vice. I put it on when I'm ironing my husband's shirts for the coming week and on Sat a.m. t.v. is even crappier than normal.

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