Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wip-less with stuff

Sorry about that-my husband took the camera to work to use for actual business related needs. PPFFT! The nerve of him taking HIS camera....This is a pic of some fabric I got this month from the Keepsake quilting medley of the month. Meh!
Anyway, what I'm working on is the final construction of my son's Asian inspired quilt, which I showed you all recently. Yesterday I went to JoAnn's and took the gift cards my BIL Bob gave me. The selection was so poor that I came home with more than half the cards and was hard pressed to find a good backing for the quilt. I obviously didn't want something with little flowers on it. It didn't have to be Asian and that's a good thing because even the Asian fabric they had was sucky. I finally found a nice deep rich red with black outlined ginko leaves. At least it will give him the option of having a nice backing. I also got a bunch of cream and beige that was on sale. I should have remembered that after the holidays it's "clear out the crap days" at JoAnn's and I need to wait a few more weeks for new stuff to come in. Disappointing. I did have better luck at Borders....OH BABY, did I have fun there. Again, thanks to my BIL Bob and my husband's generous gift cards and cash, I was able to find a whole mess o stuff. So I'm all stocked up with stuff to do because, as you all know, I had absolutely nothing to do before(NOT). I guess I better get moving since I have a few things I need to accomplish so I can begin work on the Asian quilt finish. See you tomorrow.


Scrapmaker said...

Nice fabric, always like to see the goodies. I don't usually find anything good at JoAnn's either but I also don't pay $9 a yard for backing fabric if I can help it. Sale tables at quilt shops are my friend. I do get some great notions, trims and sometimes thread at JoAnn's.
I look forward to seeing the finished Asian quilt. Jen

Rian said...

"I have a few things I need to accomplish so I can begin work..."

You're singin' my song.

Dorothy said...

Are you sure that's not the Challenge Medley of the Month? I'd have opened that package and wondered what in the #*!! I was supposed to do with it.