Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've spent the day fooling around with stuff for the 12x12 etc. Fusing fabric and trying different layouts. I've discovered I really don't like working in a square and I'm not crazy about the 12 inch size. I guess, as wierd as it sounds, I'm a rectangle kind of gal. I can owrk that into the 12 in. layout and I may do just that. Anyway, here is a couple of the really elaborate Empress & Emperor Hina Matsuri dolls I came across. Some of their outfits are many layers think and the amount of layers is somehow significant( I know, I know-wake up back there)

Around the house in my world today. It's gorgeous out and spring has finally come along. Roger put out one of the goldfinch feeders today to see what's up with the little yellow darlings. Maybe their not around yet. I thought I saw one zooming around the other day. There are pansy baskets in front of the grocery store and so I know what my mission is this week. Yippee spring!

Unfortunately for my son spring is no picnic for him. It's allergy season and his ears are popping and sinuses are icky and the medicine makes him uber-cranky. We are all skirting a wide circle around him. He will be rather miserable for a few weeks now. I feel so bad for him. Cranky and not able to enjoy the most beautiful season-not fun. We will try not to loose our cool.

Yesterday, I did some house stuff and then I sat down to watch the BBC version of Elizabeth I with Helen Mirren. Wow-I just love Helen Mirren. It's the first portrayal of an adult Elizabeth with a sensual aire. In all the other portrayals by the time she reigned for 20 years she's shown to be a pasty white crone. This was really a great version. While I was at the store I picked up a copy of Love Actually just so I can look at Colin Firth. I used up the last of my Christmas gift card and bought a new book about Last Empress of China by Anchee Min as well as the new issue of Quilting Arts which is chocked full of brilliance. Page after page of great stuff to read about and see and try. That's what I like about that magazine. They lay it out so you get the whole picture and aren't stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out stuff. Sorry, but I'm new to the whole fusing and art quilt thing so I need direction. I've gotten great tips from various art quilter friends on line but when it comes to actual application I get a bit frozen with fear. Silly really since what have I got to loose? Some fabric and wonder under???

So that's all the news from my little corner. Hope you are enjoying the weather and some fun with fabric.


Kay said...

I'll be interested to see your 12 x 12 with those fabrics. Like you, I don't like the square format. But I don't think that is just a personal quirk; a square really isn't a pleasing format unless you're totally into symmetrical.

Gerrie said...

I can sympathize with James. My allergies have been really bad this year. Sudafed is my friend!

Want me to come out and give you a fusing class - private lessons. Just send me the plane ticket!!